VPN Blocking Connection

I have discovered that if I connect my Android Phone to my Nord VPN that I can’t connect to my Wyze Camera’s. Anyone know why this seems to be happening?

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Here are some previous posts I found that provide some light on this:

I wonder if this sort of issue can be resolved by disabling split tunneling in the VPN client.

(This would only apply when there are issues connecting when you are on the same WiFi as the cameras, rather than when roaming.)

Hello, @dpeel9

I don’t use NordVPN, but I’ve used a paid subscription to PIA for the past 8-years (Private Internet Access).

I posted a reason that causes PIA to do the exact same thing, so it’s plausible that it could cause NordVPN not to allow connections to your cameras via the Android app.

I’m not sure if it will help, but I figured I’d mention it so you can read my post to see if NordVPN has a similar setting for BLOCK LOCAL NETWORK. If so… that could cause issues to connect to your cameras.

Keep in mind that paid versions of VPNs have more benefits than free (you didn’t specify if you’re using a paid or free version of NordVPN)

Good luck.

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That’s identical to the more standard term “split tunnel” that I referenced above, and as used by NordVPN. Glad I was on the right track. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for that information. I went into settings on my Nord VPN android app and turned on split tunneling for my Wyze app and that seems to have fixed my problem and now I’m able to access all my cams with my Nord VPN turned on.

Thanks for your help.


Split tunneling solved my problem when using IPVanish VPN! THX for the suggestion!!

HOWEVER, does split tunneling lower or even remove any of the security protection that a VPN is supposed to offer??!!

This is a definite need-to-know!!

Thank you in advance.

Yes, it presents a possibility that you will use the direct Internet access in error, exposing your real IP address. But that’s why you would control what is and is not supposed to use the VPN.

I don’t use any of these services but here is one description of selecting particular applications that are allowed to skip the tunnel.