Voice Alerts & Chimes for sense

As per the official update in that thread, they’ve disabled adding new devices, because it wasn’t intended to be pushed live yet. But everyone keep your eyes peeled. Alexa integration is coming soon, which should make this a reality. :slight_smile: I got my devices connected before they closed the window on this, and it’s working great.

Would not want it only on speaker as feature. Too limiting.
Find having a chime in a different location is how I use mine. I have a dome chime working with sensors and would love something similar for wyze.

I agree. Like I said, I’m in favor of an add-on chime unit as well. I just thought this might be a nice way they could add the functionality. It might meet the need for some customers, and would only require a software update.

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Wyze sensors are now detected through/by Alexa so my wish has come true only 7 months later too. Color me officially impressed.

Thank You Wyze, Thank You!


Yes! a Google Home broadcast would be ideal!
Tye the alert text needed (Front Door Open) and it broadcasts that to the speaker.
Also an option for a chime.

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