Viewing Wyze cams on a monitor

I would love to be able to view all my Wyze cameras on a large monitor at one time. Any thoughts?

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BlueStacks (free) works great on Win10 system…also use it for my Eufy doorbell cam

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Short answer: just use a big tablet or else install TinyCam on a FireTV stick.

Long answer: wait for this 3 year old request to be fulfilled; it’s now promised;

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In the most recent AMA (Ask Me Anything) they said this solution may require a Cam Plus subscription.

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I’m wanting to know the answer and more specifically: is Wyze trying to come up with a way to view ALL live videos on a computer monitor, simultaneously? The purpose would be for viewing all cameras at the same time, instead of having to view each camera one-at-a-time.

Ronnie you can already view 4 cameras at a time (and swipe to see more) in the regular Wyze app using groups (on Android or iOS). You can see even more simultaneously on a tablet running the 3rd party free TinyCam app.

And @newshound is right, I guess I’m still somewhat in shock and denial that they are now going to charge for that much requested basic feature of a browser view.

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