Viewing playback on outdoor cam

My problem is at night. IR reflects back into the cam from the window and makes it impossible to see outside. Without IR it, it is too dark. I really need to be able to record more video than 12 seconds of video…

Solution: either mount outside or get motion activated yard light

Thanks, Seapup. I might eventually have stumbled across using the Album, but you saved me a lot of time. Now, do you know how to make the recordings full screen? My time lapse recording views are very small and do not go full screen when i turn the screen sideways. Other than downloading of course. Thanks again

haha. i figured it out. have to download to view it at all. i was watching the download process and did not then view the recording.

Few porch pirates are that smart or going to be doing any research.

Frankly, semi-smart porch pirates are probably quite thankful for COVID-19, as it makes wearing a mask no longer suspicious when one is out in public. Try identifying someone wearing a pulled up hoodie, face mask and a set of (sun)glasses from the video of a 1080p camera.

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I wish I would’ve known this before purchasing I will
Be returning!

Totally useless if I can’t remotely playback recordings from outdoor cam so card.

I feel the same way if I had known this before I wouldn’t have purchased them!

you can do it but only if you schedule the recording. and if you schedule it to record all day, the battery will run down very quickly. once you make a recording, click on the outdoor camera, click more, then album. select the one you want, then clidk on the recording to download it. once the download is finished, there will be a play arrow on the video. click to view.

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I put my SD card in the base station thinking “Of course, this would be the logical way to allow for playback without battery drain. Good thinking, Wyze.” Only to discover that there is no playback option. Bad thinking, Wyze.

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I’m confused. So I have CAM Plus on my Outdoor Cam, and have an SD card in the camera. I can select longer recording lengths (up to 5 mins, and it will end if movement stops sooner) and I can view these on my phone (iOS WYZE App) under “Events”. So I’m not sure what people mean when they say “playback”- because yes, you can watch a recorded motion event from your outdoor camera without bringing our SD card to your computer.

What you can NOT do, and I am very frustrated about, is scroll through the last day or so regardless of motion events (i.e., there is no true “continuous recording” feature). This is something I love about my Ring cameras (which I THOUGHT I could replace with these WYZE outdoor cameras). I have my Ring set for People Only in a small area of the frame, but there are times I want to go back and review something like when a car was or wasn’t out front of my house- an activity that WYZE would not record as motion, so would be completely inaccessible after the fact.


I hope Wyze improves on this feature. It is frustrating to not have playback. I am not a CAM PLUS subscriber and didnt think it was necessary.
I asked my buddies to not get wyze cams. Waste of money if there is a no playback feature.
I get the fact that its a battery drainer but let us have that choice to turn it off or on.
Even if it gets backed up to base station, there is no way to look at the events using the app, at least I havent found a way to do it.


So I just have to remember to schefule the recordings when my house is being broken into. Got it.
Why did I buy this?
It can’t just see motion and start recording?
I would have put a Cam Pan in a freaking window!

I have the Outdoor Cam and mine picks up motion or people and starts recording. I also get notifications when it records something. I have it linked to Alexa and she announces “Person detected at front porch” whenever someone is at my front door. I don’t have any scheduled recordings.