Viewing playback on outdoor cam

Totally agree…
After discovering the shortcoming yesterday I decided to put it to the test.
I setup a scheduled recording for 5 hours. Start at 1159pm end 5 hours later.
Camera was at 95% charge when I finished the schedule.
This morning it was down to 3% so it most definitely has a battery concern
when actually trying to record.
The other thing I found was during this 5 hour schedule the cam created multiple 1 minute recordings…yes you have to view them one at a time from the SD card via a PC.
The equated to 320 files with almost 1.3 gigs of space.
I was one of those early adopters to order my setup and ordered a 2nd Cam as well… :frowning:
When I get the second cam (even with Wyze telling us not to do it) I’m going to set it
up plugged in full time and see what happens.
Most of the items in this (failed list) all of us are seeing IMO can be somewhat rectified
in the code in this camera. The battery life issue probably not so much but at least
give us the option to record at a much lower resolution to achieve what the V2 can pretty
much do on a daily basis.
I have a V2 setup and Im going to mess with it to actually put it to the test as well.
I love the Wyze products but this one fell a bit short on expectations.

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OH to add it has great night vision :slight_smile:

Your results should tell a very interesting story.

Yes it actually does.
The community isn’t getting what they had hoped for.
I understand the battery issue, I really do since I am into the RC hobby
pretty deep so I know batteries and their abilities.
I noticed there is a Cool Down feature in the camera, I will assume without
research they use a Lipo battery which I also assume is a 1S battery.
I can see the need to cool it off since Lipos can get hot.
What I find hard to digest is the need for it at all.
I am by far no Video recording expert nor do I claim to be anything close.
There has to be a way to reduce the overhead of recording to
even need a cool down feature but again I do not design cameras like this at all.
I have several GoPro’s as a result of my RC life, on a full charge I can fly
almost 4 or 5 hours producing GIGS of video, in this case it recorded for
5 hours and only produced 2 gigs.
I get that, its more of a video compression thing.
If we cannot depend on the internal battery then at least change the
internal electronics to allow us to use the Plug or the battery. It should be
a simple introduction of a very small component. With the included charger
its only getting 5 volts to begin with due to a 5 volt step down in the charger.
Maybe it has it but maybe we have not been told the effects of long term
power supply from 110 volts?
But even still, we cannot preview video…which spawned this thread to begin with.
Sorry for going south of the border just wanted to place my findings. :slight_smile:

No no, the “cool down” period here refers to the artificial limit of waiting 1-5 minutes between event recordings, entirely in order to prevent Wyze from paying too much for cloud storage costs.

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Excellent post Clayton some thing why is needed to hear and perhaps even their engineers can think about a little bit there are a lot of areas for improvement on this camera and I think it has a great potential but not in the current configuration

Even though Wyze kind of fell short in these outdoor cams there is room for improvement as I have mentioned, and others have mentioned as well. Overall (not defending them) they produced decent products at a very reasonable price. (compared to others at over 300 bucks for almost the same) We all could simply use a V2 and do a little extra work and honestly end up with a more positive outcome.
I had considered canceling my 2nd outdoor cam but I will put that one to another test utilizing it as prescribed yet pushing other things as well.
I know as with most forums, manufacturers do read our posts, like them or not. They actually pay people to do this :slight_smile:
They however will not reply not so much as to avoid but more so possibly make the products better.
Since I stated using Wyze products I have honestly seen things like our posts produce better products.
Even though we might be bummed… I feel it will get better. Even though I’m not so much happy right now :slight_smile: LOL

Advertising was a bit misleading since it can’t record or store video locally.

Great if you only want live, but that doesn’t provide much value overall, since I purchased it to watch my property.

Schedule a recording? Seriously? Like “schedule vandalism to my car? “. Today I picked up a car from the repair facility, over $1800 worth of someone taking a sharp instrument and doing the deed. I have 4 indoor WYZE cams with playback. I was one of the early supporters and received my outdoor cam a few weeks ago. I made the mistake of ordering a second that is on back order. Had I paid more attention to the no play back issue I would not have ordered it. Anyone want an outdoor cam… new, in the box?

I’m right there with you on this, without Playback this cam is a dud. I too ordered 2 thinking I was going to be able to review playback. I too still have the 2nd in the box and didn’t even bother opening it. For a little extra effort I could have easily produced a working outdoor cam with a V2. They need to rethink this platform. Give us the ability to keep it plugged in 24/7 and playback. I would have gladly paid 15 to 20 bucks more for the camera with these abilities. I mean who is going to really schedule a recording…we want full time recording, we want playback we want the ability to keep it plugged in. I feel their concern is if it is plugged in 24/7 the lipo battery will over heat and create a fire hazard. Make the battery removable, allow a bypass in the electronics to supply constant voltage. Up until now Wyze was my go to…I’m honestly looking elsewhere for a product with outdoor features we desire.

Defeats the entire purpose, I should have just rigged up a battery pack and solar panel to a v2

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The ‘water proof integrity’ is the main reason that Wyze and Company don’t support 24/7 external batteries

Yea I suppose thats correct also.
Tonight I order a case for the V2 that is meant for outdoor use from Amazon. Im going to pull down the one Outdoor cam and replace it with a V2 I have in house just to see the results. Where I am placing it is within 6 feet of an outlet contained inside of my Shed which will give me a full view of what the Outdoor cam was to provide. I will place an SD card in it and do some testing with the case I ordered. I sure wish they gave us at least playback…bummer

To add on my 2nd Outdoor cam I decided to take it apart. Seems as if the charging board is just that. Without it connected to the battery it will not turn on at all. I was hoping to see if the USB board would passthrough but it does not :frowning:

Also it seems as if the charging board is designed to detect input power from the battery before allowing power on. I’m sure with some “ingenuity” this might be accomplished but rigging a HOT wire from the USB Power cable inline with where the battery plugs in…more to come :slight_smile: Since overall the Outdoor cam’s really are only good for 12 second video and a “scheduled” recording (which seems redundant to battery power) messing with the 2nd cam might void the warranty but as I mentioned in earlier posts I will use my electrical back ground to discover a safe and reliable solution at least for me.

I have a couple v2’s outside in the weatherproof case, have found that the front cover causes IR reflection. Just left them off and have them pointed down a little and haven’t had any issues through the last hurricane.

They work to a certain point but get a bit blurry after 10ft. In daylight they can clearly see over 50ft