Viewing Multiple Camera Groups on Alexa

Ok I am looking to be able to view my multiple Camera Groups on my Amazon Devices (ex.Firestick,EchoShow). Like I can in the app. And like I do with my single camera now on my Amazon Devices. I think that would be Absolutely Amazing to be able to do so!! Now please anyone in the group please correct me if I am wrong and there is already a way to do so. And if there is if someone will PrettyPlease w/:cherries:s teach me how! Bc honestly I have tried asking Alexa everyway could think&she of course had me feeling dumb by the end of the day.:joy_cat: But if it’s not already available this is my Wish for you all at @Wyze

Thank you for your time,

Please forgive me I’m very new to this. Positive constructive feedback is appreciated.



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