Viewing cameras on smart tv

Is it possible to view the cameras on a smart TV. Cant download the app to it because it says it cant be found. Any suggestions?


There currently is no app for a TV

How about trying a Amazon Alexa device such as a fire tv stick and enabling the Alexa skill.

I think some have tried that and had success

Also Chromecast (built in on some TV’s) works, works internationally as well unlike Alexa

Is the Wyze app Chromecast compatible?

Add wyze to Google home then just say “ok Google show garage on TV” etc
Works on my Sony TV & Google home hub (just say “ok Google show living room” as you don’t need to tell it which location)

But if you just have a Chromecast dongle and the Wyze app, does Wyze allow you to transmit the screen to the widget? My dongle isn’t immediately available, lol.

I don’t think it does but 1 more app (Google home) and it’ll work

This is really great info!

I know I can using tinycam pro on my firetv and fire stick.

I have both a smart TV (Fire TV) and a Fire TV Stick, and for both asking Alexa to “show garage cam” works. I’ve found it times out the live feed after about 5 minutes. I assume this is by design.

When we got our first cam, we took advantage of the short delay and let our grandson watch himself on TV walk into the living room. He thought it was hilarious to do something and then seen it on the screen a few seconds later.