View/reset bridge from sensor settings screen

I use four bridges, redundancy and due to weak signals, four work well. But when a sensor goes off line, it would be nice to see which bridge / camera it is connected to. I think I am near fourty, sensors, motion sensors so yes it is a pain.
It would make resetting a lot easier.
In fact it would be great from the sensor page in the app to reset the bridge / camera. I am going to anyway. I need to get the sensor working.

So yes two things,

  1. From the sensor page see what bridge / camera it is connected to
  2. Be able to reset the bridge from the sensor page in the app.

Can you make a notation on each sensor title that says what bridge you connect it to? Say the front door contact sensor is connected to the kitchen bridge, which let’s call #1. So new title of sensor is “Front Door (1)” or something.

It’s not on the sensor display page, but you can make a home page shortcut to reset that bridge.

You can also make the short cut restart all the cameras with bridges if you want at same time.