View playback not working

I have pretty much given up. SD cards of the allegedly supported types work for a very short time. After a few weeks, I get “no recording at this time”, even though it is in the list of the 12-second clips in the cloud. Or I get “no SD card” even though I just installed one. Or I get “camera not connected”, and the camera reboots.

This used to work when V2’s first arrived.

I agree with the posters who suggest this is deliberate, so that the users sign up for the paid service.

These cameras’ life span is not great - at least in my experience. I will test a similarly priced competitor the next time one of the WyzeCams dies.

This is very frustrating. I have the same issue with my v2. Used to work and now it does not.

I had the same problem the past few days, i updated the camera just now and it works again.

I also have this problem. I can see there is supposedly recorded video from events… but they will not play, even when I stretch the timeline and am definitely in the green area of a recorded event, I get “no recording at this time”… on all four of my cameras. Very frustrating!

I had this exact same problem. I was previously using a different brand SD cared, reformatted it, reset and restarted my camera with no luck. I switched my SD card to a SanDisk Ultra 32GB SDHC and now it works like a gem.

I’m a little confused. I have a few cameras and a micro card in each one of them. I’ve always used the motion and sound alerts. I am totally fine with a 12 second clip just to check on things, but now I can’t even view those.

When I try to view the clip it just shows a thumbnail and tells me I have to upgrade to the WyzePro in order to view anything. Does the clip only record to the Wyze cloud service?

I’ve had these cameras for years and it seems like every few months they add something else and try to charge for it. If the camera doesn’t record clips to the card there is no point in even using it.

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Playback on SD card does not require to pay anything. But the motion/clip is a cloud only feature.
By the way my partner could not see the playback until 2 days ago ( I read it was not supported for shared devices, but maybe there was an update enabling this).
It seems to me they work a lot on updating the functionalities and it sometimes break some features which were working fine…


To restore your 12-sec cloud event functionality, you need to apply Cam Plus Lite to your cams. You can pay what you want for this service, including $0.

Cam Plus Lite Getting Started


I’m having the exact same issue. It either started when the app was updated or with a firmware update. (I strongly believe it was when the app was updated.)

When will this be fixed?

Exact same problem, I can’t view the playback on my
Wyze Cam Pan from the SD. I got 2 other cameras Wyze Cam with same brand and sd size, no problem.

My Playback wasn’t working and I have Plus. I then baught a New sd card…Wyze 128 Micro SD for 20 dollars off amazon
…playback works again. Just try a new sd card.

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Yep, trying other cards does help, and i recommend using high endurance cards in these cameras if you choose to use the local storage functions. The high endurance cards are designed to handle more writes and re-writes and i haven’t had any fail on me yet.

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