View playback not working

My view playback no longer works. When I click the button it says “no video selected at this time”. Does Wyze no longer support this?


Yes. Wyze still supports playback. If you go to settings \ advanced settings \ is your “record to micro sd card” still checked?

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Yes, and it’s not full either. I’ve tried restarting the camera, ejecting the SD card, etc. playback won’t work.

I’m having the same problems. I’ve had my Wyze cams for about a year. At first the playback worked fine. A few months later it would work maybe 20% of the time. Now, all I get is “no video selected at this time.” I’m not buying “it’s the SD card” because I’ve read dozens and dozens of users with the same problem.

The events stored to the cloud are still available, but that’s it.

Makes me think it’s intentional to get people to sign up for their paid cloud service. I’ve considered it, since the cams are basically a toy without the ability to view playback.

I’ve had EXACT same issue…it worked all the time a year ago and then half the time and now someone is leaking around my yard it caught clips but it says no video to playback…it’s [MOD EDIT]

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Sounds like the SAME problem for me… started in the last 2 days. V2 with SD card set for continuous recording. There is zero on the card on any day according to the app playback. Which I don’t believe b/c I reviewed playback Tuesday… It was there.

Same thing here, stopped working properly. Updated the app and made sure firmware was up to date. Can not view recorded video, but noticed if I take the sd card and insert into my computer it has all the recorded video including today and can view them on my computer. Something weird going on.

Welcome to the forums! Are you giving it a moment to populate? Sometimes going into playback for me, it takes a few moments for the timeline to show footage. Are you waiting for the camera to start live streaming before you go into playback? Sometimes if you jump the gun, playback won’t load if you arnt connected to the camera first. What does the local storage settings say in app? How much memory is available/ on the card?

yes I waited almost 20 minutes and nothing. I even cleared cache and forced stoped and reopened and nothing. I restarted my phone and nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and nothing. I still cannot view any playback on all 7 cameras. I am going to switch to another service because all 3 times I have gotten a notification someone was in my yard it only recorded maybe 3 seconds of it even though I have it set to continuous recording and I haven’t been able to go back and watch the entire event from the time they walked on my property till the time they walked off and this is a huge problem for me.

Unfortunately my are mounted up high on my house outdoors so I cannot just pop out the card quickly and view it on a computer in the midwest blizzard.

Where are you looking and waiting for these events or footage to show? In the event tab? Or playback? Cloud clips (notifications, event tab) and local storage (sd card footage, playback) are completely seperate features, and in the above statement you used their features together. Narrowing down where the issue is will help in troubleshooting.

Continuous recording or event recording to sd card does not notify you of events. Are you talking about camplus by chance?

I will get a notification of motion with a tiny clip of the event then I go to that exact time on the playback feature and it says no video recording to view. When I used to go to the time on playback I could watch prior to the clip notification and after for how ever much time as I wanted. I haven’t been able to pull up anything on playback for a month or so.

What does the local storage settings say in app? How much memory is available/ on the card?

The storage says 3.75GB/58.23GB