View On PC/Browser



Request a Mac App Also


I, too, would love a way to see all of my live cams on a browser or installed app. Windows, Mac, or even Linux would be fine. I’d buy such an app.

Even if the feed were only on my LAN, I could re-purpose an old laptop to show the feed as a monitoring station… and I’d probably but 4 or 5 more cams, too!


try blue stacks, working great for me.


We are aware of ‘blue stack’ but are looking for an official Wyze Cam app/software, not a work around. :slight_smile: Thanks.


where can i get AmiDuOs seems like they are out of Business?


Bluestacks is a hack, not a solution. Bluestacks is heavily supported by ad revenues and has questionable stability and compatibility. It is a resource hog and while it may serve some, it is more likely to cause more problems than it fixes.

Any viable solution should be from the app/camera manufacturer and not be tied to ad revenues. If there is a free/ad version, then it is not a solution but a hack.


I gave BlueStacks a fair trial. It’s cons far outweighs its pros. Biggest is it a resource hog that does not fully stop when you exit from it. Ads are obtrusive. It’s built for gamers and is constantly pushing certain games and earning points. I have uninstalled it and am using a spare tablet with TinyCam as a dedicated monitor.


Please create a OS X app for macs.

Love the cam!


I have never used blue stacks (and don’t plan to), but the reports about it being a resource hog make me suspicious of it. Is it crypto mining?


I use Fire TV and got TinyCam Pro through the app store on it. I have 6 cams showing on my screen at one time. Took a little trial and error but I got them all working.


Actually the best solution for everyone is not a app at all but web access with an HTML5 interface to view all cameras at once, if you have multiple Wyzecams, that can be viewed from any browser no matter the operating system.


My problem is that in the description on Amazon does not say the it can only be viewed on a smartphone and only either a iphone or android, so you don’t find that out till it is sitting on your desk and not doing what you need or want!!! Total bs to me! Not even worth the bs to send it back, i’ll just chuck it. All it would take is one line " this device does not work on a PC"!Just false advertising to make the sale!


I’m a strong supporter of Wyze. But this is a valid complaint. The product listings should say ‘Requires a compatible Android or iOS device’ until the html5 interface is released.

I think having to say “does not work on a PC” would be too negative and inflammatory, and factually inaccurate because… What even is a pc after all?? Wyze probably works on chrometops. And it works on a pc with an android emulator.

But the fact is Wyze advertises being able to view videos. And while it might be obvious enough for some to anticipate this, the fact is that using only the product as delivered from wyze, that is not possible. They simply aren’t providing what they advertise unless they say ‘requires a compatible android or iOS device’, or include a screen on the camera itself, or an android phone in ever box, which I realize is unfeasible.

So best to add “Requires a compatible Android or iOS device”. God, what if a Blackberry or Windows phone user buys one?


Really? What even is a pc after all?? Ok how about Desktop??? Sigh


PC/Web access please, I don’t have a smartphone or tablet!


I use Fire HD 10 and TinyCam Pro but can view only 4 cams on the screen at one time. How did you get 6 cams ?


1 more vote for PC access! A bit frustrating when working in a secure building where cell phones do not work!


Or underground. In my city, there are a lot of businesses below ground, in former mines. There is no celular coverage there, and employers don’t always want personal owned devices on the company network.


You can install android emulator : , then install wyze or tinycam pro apps.

For my 2 years old i3 notebook, viewing 4 cams at one time make the CPU 70+% busy, though viewing 1 cam is OK, ~ 50% CPU load.

Hence currently I am using a Fire HD10 table with tinycam pro webserver running in the background and screen turned off, then I can view 4 cams at a time without loading my notebook CPU.


Enough with android emulators! Especially ones that wreck your computer’s performance.

Any company that doesn’t let your personal phones on wifi, sure as hell won’t let you install random ass software on their company computers.

If anything you should be recommending Android Studio’s official emulator. But knock it off.

What is needed is an HTML5 web based console to viewing cams. Like Nest and Arlo have.