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Be aware there are concerns with bluestacks. I do not claim to understand all the concerns (some are obvious) but there are enough for me to not use. Especially since they have been around for years. I did a couple of quick searches, read some of the concerns… didn’t see one place where the company addressed any of them.

This is a post for Nox app player to block the unwanted stuff…

I may try this one as a work around


Tiny Cam Pro in the Google play store allows you to view on your PC.There are posts in other threads that show how to do it.




+1 for pc app/web access


using bluestacks or anything so shady is NOT what I want to do, especially in this day and age.

God knows what the app is trolling for on your PC. Or what it sends back to the motherland.

AND… there is no way one can install this on a WORK pc safely.

I don’t care if a desktop app only lets you view one camera. one is better than NONE.

So, +1,000,000 for a true, reliable/stable/safe desktop app.


Same issue with me, at home on my W10 machine and at work on my W7 desktop. Bluestacks runs great, I can see my other cams on it, but Wyze app only shows the cameras icons and when trying to view, it just loads forever, no video.


Interesting! I’ve been using Bluestacks at work to run the IP Cam Viewer program, for years. I monitor numerous different cameras, some wired, some WiFi, and so far, the android app is the only way I can see them all on one screen. I have to accept free game installs from time to time, in order to keep the free version of Bluestacks, but have had zero issues with it.

Why do you think it’s “shady”?


+1 for Desktop View


<span style=“color: #000000; font-family: ‘Open Sans’, sans-serif;”> add my request for a desktop app</span>



AmiDuOs also works for viewing on PC


Maybe I’m stupid, but when you guys are saying “PC” are you actually using a desktop computer, or are you using a laptop? The reason I ask: When I try to use the Wyze app (within the BlueStacks environment) I get an endless attempt to load the camera, but no video… the camera icon just spins and spins and spins. I have a hunch that my desktop computer is hardwired to my router … and the Wyze app is trying to communicate wirelessly. Unfortunately, I do not have the expertise to set up a wireless system for my desktop . Any help would be greatly appreciated … using Win7, 64 bit NOTE: Wyse works great with my iphone (ios) !!!


+1 For pc app/web access


If you have a tv or monitor that’s collecting dust and it has an hdmi port you can convert it to an IP Cam monitoring station with an android stick.


Thanks… But I believe we are all looking for a true PC experience and not a work around. I have multiple camera’s and a PC program or web page app that allows to view or open all cameras at once would be great.


Thank you! Installed and working!


It doesn’t matter if your “PC” (desktop or laptop) is wired or using WiFi. It should work the same.

I’m currently running BlueStacks on a Win10 64bit desktop wired network connection.


Again. it’s another work around. We want an actual web app or desktop app designed just for Wyze. Who wants to use an android app on a PC? No thanks.


+1 for a web interface or Mac App.


My current solution is to use reflector by AirSquirrels which makes my mac look like an apple tv, and you can mirror your phone on to your Mac. Not a great solution as the phone has to be running all the time.


If you don’t support pc viewing at this time, can you at least share how the apps view the video?

(Code snippet, or api specifications) Then we can make our own app and help you sell more product.


I expect Tiny Cam Pro to come out with a chrome extension/application. They have a browser extension now for Chrome OS. It doesn’t support wyzecam yet. Their Tiny Cam android app works great on my chromebook. It does what you’re looking for. I think it’s just a matter of time before they add support for wyzecam to to browser extension and port it to windows. They make their revenue from selling cloud subscriptions so they have a lot of motivation to develop their software for as many models of cams as possible.