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Please Wyze cam developers please make the camera’s work on PC’s PLEASE!!! The new cams are coming out now and it would be GREAT to have them function with a PC app. Thank you for your time and consideration.


We are definitely looking into making a way to view the Wyze Cam from a PC whether that is through an app or through a browser. At this time though we do not have an estimate or timeline on when or how this feature will be available. Please know that we hear your requests and we’re listening!


Yes, the Wzye Cam needs a PC app


I don’t understand why a pc desktop app would be more difficult than an Android app. Of course, desktop computers and related software has developed considerably since my days of using Visual C++ and MFC tools. I’m thinking that if the cameras could become recognized as network devices (a new kink in the link), the problem would be partially resolved. But, this would be a somewhat major step in their current software structural concert - maybe,asking to much for $19.95 + shipping. I also have Hikvision cameras that use a 3rd party server for P2P connections and can be accessed at any network access point - with desktop setup and LAN video monitoring. Bottom line, these are great little cameras as they are right now, but we can always hope for a little more. Definitely would be nice to at least access access the SD card via desktop.




I’m torn on PC accessibility issue. On one hand I prefer native apps so making a PC app makes sense to me. When I’m working on my Win10 laptop I just open the app pinned to my task bar and it just works. But I would probably run a Raspberry Pi as a dedicated monitoring device so a native PC app wouldn’t be native for me. So a browser based web app makes more sense for my application as I’ll probably be running Raspian. With a web app, you can run it on a PC, Mac, Linux, etc.


But it’s important to me that I can monitor multiple cameras in one window with the ability to enlarge any given feed. That way I connect my monitoring Pi to Input 4 of my tv and leave it running. When I want to see all my cameras, I just turn on the tv and switch to Input 4 and I can see my whole house. If I want to see who’s at the door, I select that feed and enlarge it.


That’s my wish list anyway.


No PC app? Shame. I’ll have to keep using my Tenvis cameras. I much prefer the Wyze but our office is all Intel.


Actually the best solution for everyone is not a app at all but web access with an HTML5 interface to view all cameras at once, if you have multiple Wyzecams, that can be viewed from any browser no matter the operating system.


+1 for a Windows based app. I sit in front of a Windows laptop all day at work and would like to have it up instead of constantly looking at my phone.

Bluestacks is an option but it’s slow to load and does hog up resources. It’s not a viable option for me.




I would also like to see a pc web viewer available. This is the most important thing missing from the Wyze cam, IMHO. Everything else regarding the Wyze cam is very good.


I would also like a pc web viewer. And with simultaneous camera views if possible.


Is PC app development a suitable project for crowd funding ?


Yes to HTML! Despite the quibbling above, this approach makes perfect sense to me. An HTML5 web interface would work on almost all devices and operating systems. The camera is great, but why can’t I use it from a plain old computer???

I can think of two bad reasons for the mobile-device-only approach: 1) “Everybody does everything from their phones, don’t they?” 2) The company wants more control over the users., via the proprietary app. I hope these aren’t true.

I hate to make this a rant. I really like the camera, but I won’t buy any more, and I won’t recommend them, if I can’t use them more easily. Why can’t I just log in from my dad’s computer, or a Linux box at work, or even a coffee shop in the Bahamas, etc? The World Wide Web is a great system.



Add to the vote for a desktop version with the ability to see multiple cameras. Please :slight_smile:


Hi, I also want to support the idea of a Windows app to see my cameras on my PC.
Also, being able to watch my cameras from browser is a better idea for me since I would be able to watch them from Linux too.

BlueStacks and other Android emulators are not a good solution for me since I already work with other virtual machines on my PC that consume almost all my RAM, so I cannot run both virtual machines at the same time.

So please developers, give us a desktop/browser app :slight_smile:



There are lots of geeky maker types in the world. I’d like to poke at this.

When you are connected to a cam and it is live streaming, there must be protocol and stream address the app connects to. Can you share with us how that is formatted?

Similarly, when pulling recorded video from a cam, what is the format of the address, and how do you specify what time/date you wish to view?

Thank you!



Desktop, come on guys it would be so useful, I am going to have to purchase something that will work with my PC now!



Just one more vote for a some way to access using windows 10


ya i agree… some way of accessing cameras on computer. right now I use my iphone but work on a pc all day… Thank you


Please let me know when you get the app for Windows.