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I used to work for them, and no they don’t offer local nas compatibility. I know that I personally Upsold a lot of extra cloud storage subscriptions just because they don’t have a way to capture the stream and store it locally. They also use public key encryption so without the private decrypt key stored in the server the compressed and encrypted video stream is effectively unreadable. I like the 14 day alert cloud storage on here I just want a way to capture and store full video locally for my own use. More than 32Gb at a time.


I’ll bet $100 that the “upsell cloud services” trick is where Wyze is going. This is why I don’t think we will ever see any really open access. It is what it is. If they did, then they’d be eating the market currently dominated by Foscam and similar products. I don’t think anyone can afford to sell $20 open cameras long term.


"I just want a way to capture and store full video locally for my own use. More than 32Gb at a time."

This firmware is supposed to allow Wyze cameras to work with a NAS.

I talked with the developers and they said it works fine with Wyze V2, but hasn’t been tested yet with the Wyze Cam Pan model.

In the next few weeks I will be testing it with a Synology NAS, using their Surveillance Station 8.1;

Will update as I learn more.



Last time I looked into it, there were two problems with it:

Loss of Wyze cloud-based notifications and clips. You may not care, but yes, I wanted my cake after eating it too.

Limited to 720 resolution instead of 1080.

Do you know if those are still limitations to the OpenIPC firmware? Also is there a path back for V2? Again, when I last looked, I didn’t see documentation on reverting the V2 camera if you wanted to go back.



Carlos I wasn’t aware of the resolution issue. I will contact them again and get a clarification regarding this.

I’m only interested in 1080 and above.

As far as the path goes, as soon as my Cam Pan arrives I will be looking into coping the firmware. It should be pretty straight forward.

I will be posting documentation about it for everyone in a separate thread later.


I forgot to list the most important problem; auto night mode stops working. I just looked on Github and the resolution limit is 1600x900, no auto night mode, and there’s no section on how to revert (it’s for V1 and doesn’t mention V2). Since we’re talking about a $20 camera, so I may do it anyway, but currently working on other hacking priorities (Raspberry Pi to interface between Homekit and unauthorized wi-fi and Z-Wave devices).



If Tiny cam pro can access the cameras that tells me 3rd party apps should be able to. I put tiny cam pro on my Fire TV and turned on the web server function. Only problem is Fire TV doesn’t stay on unless you actively are using it so this option didn’t really work. Looking now for a cheap android phone that I can put Tiny Cam on on leave the phone plugged into power and hope that the web server doesn’t use power faster than it can charge. In fact I might have an old cell phone that I can use for that… Hmmm where did I put it.

Point is this shouldn’t be that hard. If one 3rd party can do it, others certainly should be able to.


It means that there is an IP and port that will respond in a specific way when given a specific command. If Tinycam was helped by Wyze (no idea if they were) then maybe they got encryption keys, command documentation, and the like. So “should be able to” is hard to say. I haven’t packet sniffed the traffic to see what it is, that would give answers.

I’m going to ask about this on the Security Spy NVR forums.



I am new here and just set up my 1st WyzeCamPan last night and I have to say I’m impressed with the features this camera has for the price. I too would love to see a robust PC/Mac web app for your products. Something with email notifications along with optional cloud storage options would be great. I would definitely be a paid subscriber if and when that is implemented. But for now, I’m liking what I am seeing from WyzeCam and will be setting up the rest of my cameras tonight :slight_smile:



I agree! I would love a desktop app to view my cameras on my computer. And, the Wyze View sounds like a great idea!


If you were to make an app for pc I may be able to get you a new buyer who would buy 30-40 cameras. Plus it would be convienant to everyone else.


DESKTOP! DESKTOP! DESKTOP! Beside the spotty coverage in my area, beside draining my phone battery, I want to be able to monitor the camera on my desktop screens. I spend 8 hours a day staring at these things, and have more than 4 square feet of display. If this had a sizable window (even set sizes) desktop application I’d be all over the Pan. Probably buy 2 or 3 to cover different areas of the house. With estimates of more than 2 BILLION computers currently being used, that means you’ve eliminated about 1.6 BILLION Windows and Mac installations. Who makes your business decisions?



Dear Wyze, what is status of this request?


@billclark7 I am going to merge this topic into the #roadmap category topic on the same subject. You should be able to learn more there. It’s designated as a “maybe later”. Make sure you click the vote button over on that topic to register your vote.


With MacOS moving soon to support iOS apps within MacOS, will you guys port over the iOS app to work on MacOS?


Might be a little soon to ask that since it’s likely a year away still…


Please boost this requirement to number 1. This is really needed and is key during purchase decisions. For some, lack of this capability could be a deal breaker.


Is there already or does Wyze Cam plan on developing an app so that you can see the cams from a PC?



They should produce a web app. Should not be too hard.


+1, would like to see this added as a future feature request.