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I quote your bug claim with a response about a bug and you change the subject. This is boring. Next.


Everyone knows that all bugs are not created equal.

The bug in iCloud Drive permanently deletes the persons precious data.

The 9 year old hard drive bug can be fixed by simply installing new firmware. All data is safe, sound (and secure). Takes around only 1 minute to fix.

So let’s see, one bug wipes out your data permanently, never to be seen again, and the other “bug” doesn’t harm your data at all and can easily be fixed. Looks like local wins again. You’re welcome :slight_smile:


Neither issue removes the data from my backups. Looks like local is no different again. You’re welcome.



just curious, can you set the device to record both local and to the cloud or do you have to pick one over the other?


It does both by default once you turn on local storage.



Carlos, check this out. Maybe it could give you a viable solution for checking your Wyze cameras via a web browser, especially if you’re working from home.




I always have a couple Androids sitting around here and not used a lot, but this is really an ugly “solution.” I’ve also considered running Android on a Raspberry Pi, but that’s still kind of a silly work-around. And then there is the option to install third-party open firmware, but that has its own limitations. I have been doing hacker crap for decades and now just find myself wanting stuff that just works.



You can do both… however to clarify there isn’t really online recording right now. It’s more of short alert notifications stored in the cloud. 12 seconds with a 5 minute “cool down” between alerts

The microSD card will save continuously or while motion is detected, without a cool down. I encourage getting a microSD, wyze sells one too.

Theres more detailed info at

"Neither issue removes the data from my backups. "
Glad to hear it, but that's simply not the case for most other people.

Bottom line; If you like to gamble with your files, use iCloud.


That’s the case for everyone who plugs in a backup drive, which is everyone I know, and all of my IT customers. If you don’t have backups, clearly your data is worthless, so no loss.


"If you don’t have backups, clearly your data is worthless, so no loss."
Many people are just simple ignorant about how important a backup drive is, until it's too late.

A few weeks ago a frantic woman told me her computer wouldn’t start, and she needed to get all of her pictures off of it. She said there were countless pictures of her children since they were born on the computer. I told her the pictures would also be on her backup hard drive. She said “What’s a backup hard drive?”. So no, I disagree with you, her pictures were not worthless, and it was a great loss to her, but no one told her how important backing up your computer is.

A lot of people don’t worship the backup god, until they lose files important to them. It’s sad, but it happens everyday.


And for those people, online storage is even more important since statistically its much more reliable than singular local storage with no backup. I mean, then it IS a backup.


"online storage is even more important since statistically its much more reliable than singular local storage"
Your opinion is different from fact.

Online is especially worse when your connection to the Internet is very slow, or your Internet connection is metered. These two issues make it very difficult to backup online successfully. Not a problem with local backup. A RAID or NAS setup would be ideal. Try backing up online when the Internet goes down. Not a problem with local backup :slight_smile:


None of which addresses what I said, but thanks for trying over and over again.



Yep, since what you said is only your opinion and not fact, it can’t be addressed. It’s like they say ‘Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.’ Weird.




It’s my observation, not opinion, having been in this business for over 30 years.



Thank you everyone for the discussion and feedback! (I am definitely watching, even if I don’t have the chance right now to be fully involved.)


I just hooked up my first Wyze Cam Pan this morning and everything seems to be working fine. The software was updated immediately.

I came to the website this morning on my computer to check out the setup only to find that I can’t view from a website, only my phone. I currently have two cameras from another company monitoring portions of my home and I do have access on my phone and website on that setup. Having an online component would be something that I strongly suggest going forward.


This is also something i would like to have as well. Local NAS and web view are 2 things that would make this a top contender for more expensive cough nest cough devices and maybe even take them down a peg.


Nest is insanely over-priced, but the people buying it are looking for online storage. If you stand in Best Buy and yell “$500 for the first person who can explain what a NAS is” you will walk out with your $500.

I’ve never even looked to see if Nest cameras allow direct connections; do they? There’s no chance I’d buy their stuff, or Ring, or similar.