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Ya you’re kinda late to the party, your request is all this forum ever talks about. Expect for the Synology request, which was a welcome change from the usual complaining

Hello all. I have a mac and i would like to be able to just glance at my second monitor and see what is going on around the house.

From, a 11 year old

Maybe im missing something, but if you ported the IOS/Android App to Windows Mobile, wouldnt we be able to run that app on the desktop PC?

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For me a Option for the ios user would use AirPLay. So i could use the ios App but i can show soime interesting part on the bigger screen - sometimes on big TV Screens

For AirPlay, you may want to hop over to and vote for this #wishlist topic: AppleTV app.

For the Mac folks here, the upcoming macOS Catalina will include Project Catalyst which will allow iOS apps to run on macOS. There may be devils in the details, but it may make it easy for Wyze to bring the iOS to the Mac.

You can vote for and/or comment on that here: Bring the Wyze iOS app to macOS (Catalina, Catalyst).


presumably ios or android apps running on a pc would still require a download of the app? That wouldn;lt work for many who want to see their cams on theirt work PC’s and are restricted in what can be installed… a web browser interface would be better for me.


add my name to this request. on the road where I may not have phone service but wifi with my laptop. THANK YOU for any effort toward this.

@jeff.dunkleberger… You add your name to this by clicking the VOTE button at the top.

That said, if you can get wifi on the road on your laptop, can’t you also get wifi internet access on your phone? The Wyze app will work just fine over the phone’s wifi connection.

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I have instantly become a Wyze cam fan; however, the top thing that’s lacking for me is not having a desktop pc app to view them as you would with other sec camera systems. I’m running two instances of Bluestacks to show multiple cameras but it’s a bit cumbersome to set it up every day. Would love to be able to see cameras in a tiled view without loading other apps and jumping through web servers, etc. to see jumpy footage.

I’d like to remind everyone who has commented on this and said “Add me to the list” that you have to actually VOTE on the topic to be “added to the list”

Please…if you want this, and have not done so, please VOTE for it!


Yes, voted as well. Just wanted to supplement my vote with my reasoning. Thanks!

Vote for because most of the time I am on one of my 4, PC’s running WIN 10 PRO.

In addition to being able to access the cameras with a PC, it would also be nice to use the Wyze Cameras as an “IP Camera” on my home network. We use IP cameras at work for monitoring equipment during testing. At home I could use the Wyze Camera to watch my grandchild on my PC or on my Smart TV. Currently I can only use my Phone, but it keeps going to sleep. It is ok for short quick looks but not good for continuous monitoring.

You can watch a live continuous stream though the app.