View On PC/Browser


Yes, a web interface is a must have.


Totally agree… this is necessary.


I for one am glad you cannot access a Wyze camera from a PC/Mac via a web browser. Please, Please keep access limited to the app with two factor auth, I feel this is more secure and personal. Also, well done Wyze for making a easy to use, high quality, affordable camera with a solid feature set. Very happy with mine!!!


Why would 2 factor authentication from a PC/MAC be any less secure?..


I’m not saying it wouldn’t and in fact I’ve used nest cam for years and they of course have 2 factor auth incorporated into your account so no matter the media of access you are secure. I guess what I’m saying is if Wyze does decide to include browser based camera access they better include 2 factor with it.



Truth. It would certainly to make sense to just the same mechanism they have with the app.