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I love all the features this small system has but I’ve set back a bit that I cannot get this video up on my desktop. I’m not looking to do anything fancy with it but if we can connect by WiFi to our phone, why can’t we tap into it via desktop? This one feature would give the system complete flexibility for anyone. I spend more than half of my time sitting at a computer and it would be great to have it running in a small window or just in the back ground. Food for serious thought.



Several folks have suggested using an emulator on the pc to run the Wyze app through. Haven’t tried it myself, but that might be your best bet until Wyze decides to make a PC version of the app. (I think i read that rad unlikely to happen.)

Search the forums for keywords of bluestack or nox - that should help find the thread.

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We had a police involved incident and they asked us to pull it up on the computer because it was having connection problems on the phone. I’m sad to say it won’t work. That would mean getting up on a 30 foot ladder in the rain at night to remove the MicroSD card. please fix this and allow us to access the videos on a computer!



If you need to get a short period of video from the mSD card, you can start it playing back in the app, then press the record button to capture it real-time to the phone’s camera roll/gallery. Once you have it there, you can save it elsewhere or share it.

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I did see that limitation mentioned in the reviews



I like this idea. But I want it more secure that I can control the desktop side login with my phone. So even my account is hacked, such as by my ex, I won’t be monitored by someone else in my own house.

I can see which device is linked to my account. I can see when those device is connected to my Wyze.



Still holding out hope for this.
It’s probably the biggest issue with this ecosystem.
Weatherproof would be if I couldn’t buy weatherproof housing from Amazon already.

Honestly the team’s responses have been ho-hum so I doubt it will ever happen.

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ARLO has that and it’s really cool to be able to access across the PC. Would be great if Wyze would bring this to the front burner.

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Wyze recently did a Q&A and I believe they said that RTSP should be in at least beta testing by Q2. It is making progress.

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I vote for View On PC/Browser

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I plan to purchase more cameras in May. PC access will be a big factor in my decision.

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I voted, thanks.

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Bought a bunch of Wyze cams in the past, over 20 V1s and 4 Pans.
Sadly, I am continually disappointed at the lack of support and compatibility this product has.

Warning: Unless you only want to view your camera feed from a TINY phone, this is NOT the product for you.

  1. Doesn’t work in Windows, and despite customers asking for it for OVER A YEAR, still nothing. But hey, at least we got Alexa integration right? That was REALLY important.
  2. Doesn’t work with emulators for Android (don’t even recommend Blue Stacks, that product is a joke)
  3. So after all of this money spent on Wyze, and very little in terms of progress to solve any of my issues, I decide I will suck it up and go buy a brand new Chromebook that supports Android apps.



Now I need to go return this several hundred dollar chromebook and pray that one day, Wyze smartens up after selling a million cams and considers actually supporting their customers versus offering new things that no one cares about OR, I will pray some other company takes this great camera, and makes some REAL software for it, because what we have today is sub-par and unsatisfactory.

I love Wyze, and Dave, and the whole team, don’t get me wrong.
But after waiting a YEAR and spending tons of money with STILL NO SOLUTION in mind, I am beyond frustrated.

I am so done recommending this to everyone I know.

I am a loyal customer but damn you guys need more programmers or BETTER ones :frowning:
This is not rocket science.

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Total agreement here. There are so many uses for a cam that can be viewed from a browser. Our company alone would purchase a bunch if it had this feature. For now we have to stick to Nest which offers this.

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Thank you for your feedback, adamtv. We’re sorry to have disappointed you and appreciate you bringing this up with us. The Chromebook story sounds especially frustrating. I will share this with our team.

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RTSP is in development. With RTSP you will at least be able to view your cameras in a browser or Windows.



I disaggregate that this. Am is sub-par. It does exactly what I wanted and the app is good with lots of features.

Sure there is a lot of room for progress and I’m sure it is progressing.

Keep up the good work Wyze.



I am using a Fire TV and tinycam pro’s webserver to view cameras on my PC. I use one chrome browser to view 2 cameras and one opera browser to view 2 cameras. Resize and stack opera browser on top of chrome browser. I spend few minutes every day on this routine every morning. So far so far and I am used to the “inconvenience”. Previously I just need to open one chrome browser to view 4 cameras at a time. But the app was changed only firefox browser can be used to view 4 cameras at a time but doing so will make my notebook CPU very busy.

Anyway hope Wzye will develop a PC app like the Yi Home PC app soon.

With tinycam pro being compatible with Wyze cams and there is no need to forward/open port is the major convenience for me. I use Wyze app to veiw alerts or SD recordings when there is limited bandwidth. But I use tinycam pro frequently to view multiple cameras when @ home or there is enough bandwidth.



I agree with Andrew. You don’t RTSP to view on a computer/laptop. Wyze should just add a portal login to the website for customer to login and see their cameras. I might not fully understand RTSP, but the feed doesn’t need to be real time (there can be a delay) similar to that found in the IOS app today.

An internet portal is going to be more stable and take less upkeep as an HTPS than an a Windows or IOS app.

Further more: an Apple TV app should be considered as well, RTSP or not.

With that being said; RTSP would be stellar.

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