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I don’t understand how TinyCam can work with these cameras (and even serve out the video in more open formats) but something like Blue Iris hasn’t figured it out. Did TinyCam just luck out and reverse engineer something that worked? A cynical person would think the reason there’s not a way to view them from a PC is a marketing/business model one and not a technical one. But since they don’t charge for cloud storage or access to view the cameras via the phone app (yet?) I can’t think of what that motivation would be other than wanting you to have the app on your phone… if you can view the cams through other means, would you need the app?


I am puzzled because clearly from searching people have been clamoring for the ability to view these from a PC… preferably a browser. I just can’t shake the feeling that it’s not a technical or resource limitation that’s in play.

Edit:… no sooner did I click to post it dawned on me. Is it being kept closed to do partnerships with 3rd parties like Amazon Echo Show, or maybe that’s how TinyCam works? A more open standards-based approach would no doubt scuttle the ability to do such deals. I mean it’s a $20 camera. Its cool if that’s how they’re wanting to monetize, but it’s felt kind of disingenuous because people want it, they say they understand the desire but haven’t been transparent (that I am aware of) why it doesn’t work from a browser or PC when it clearly could.





A company called YI camera has cameras that can be viewed on a pc and are basically the same camera so I’m sure it’s not a technical reason. I’m feel it’s about money some how. I mean isn’t everything. :slight_smile:


I loaded BlueStacks on my Windows 10 desktop machine. Think I set it up correctly.

Next I used its built in search function to download “tinyCam Monitor Free”, that seemed to go well too.


Next (within TinyCAM) I did a Network Scan, it found my 2 Pan and Tilts with their IP address’s.


I then added the cameras it found (mine) but can not sort out how to view them.

By the way, I also have TinyCam on my Android 8.0 phone with the same issue.

What did I miss? Any thoughts?





did you change the channel number in advanced settings



No, at least not on purpose,. Was I supposed to?


Also, I see 6 pages of cameras (mine on none) . Which page would mine normally appear on?




To use tinycam pro, don’t change anything except plug in your Wyze account login and password, then CHANGE channel # if you have more than 1 camera. The top camera in your Wyze app is Channel # 1, the cam below is # 2 and so forth.

No need to bother about IP addresses etc, just leave them empty …

Also no need to open/forward ports in your router …


I like this solution.



Any progress on that WYZE Cam Windows 10 desktop app yet?


AmiDuOs is out of production and not supported any longer.


can’t get Bluestacks to work on my very capable HP laptop. Doesn’t pass the hardware resource minimum. I also was not fond of how much resource it required judt to get that far.


Something’s missing here. Why can’t we get a simple answer from Wyze? Just post the http: port, user name and default PW that can be entered in IP Cam Viewer on a smartphone or Blue Iris on a PC, desktop or laptop. I’ve got a dozen different security cameras that I can view all, or one, at a time with either app. IP Cam Viewer has a listing for WyzeCam but even with the local IP address you need the PORT number and login credentials to view anything. Come on Wyze, accept the challenge and give us what we need!


You have heard?


Your post (and many others) have been moved over to this #roadmap topic. From that, you can infer that it is being considered, but that’s all I know at this point. Please make sure you click the VOTE button at the top of this topic to increase the likelihood that this will become reality.


Many people are also unhappy with your gratuitous generalization. Perhaps you missed the following post by a Wyzeteam member: “[Browser-based access] is the number one request outside of RTSP”.


a’hem… anyway… consider my comment as mere constructive criticism under the guise of vitriol. iow, take inference rather than offense.


@oaktree and @lothian.mcadam, please refrain from antagonizing each other. (Yes, we can see the original insult, so editing the response doesn’t hide what was said.) Please refer to the following:

Thanks very much! :slight_smile:


As a heads up, I have edited my original post since this feature (while still very popular) is no longer 2nd place. We are looking into RTSP and that would enable people to view their Wyze Cams on computers but we’ll continue to chart interest outside of that. :slight_smile:

I am already in communication with @oaktree. @lothian.mcadam, you will receive a message from me shortly.


Thanks, Rick.


This would be very useful, is it in the works?


I am a iMac user and too wish for a standalone app - BUT - I have found a reasonable workaround.

It uses NoxPlayer as an Android emulator to run TinyCam Pro. I monitor 5 cameras (1v1, 2v2 and 2 pan). It does require some work to launch things but it does work reliably.

I wrote a detailed set of instructions to get set up - do a forum search for my user name “Jet” and you will get that post (I checked).

Another recent thing - if you are a MacOS user and just switched to Mojave - After you install the NoxPlayer - go to and download the most recent version of VirtualBox as the one that installs with the NoxPlayer won’t work with Mojave.