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Something’s missing here. Why can’t we get a simple answer from Wyze? Just post the http: port, user name and default PW that can be entered in IP Cam Viewer on a smartphone or Blue Iris on a PC, desktop or laptop. I’ve got a dozen different security cameras that I can view all, or one, at a time with either app. IP Cam Viewer has a listing for WyzeCam but even with the local IP address you need the PORT number and login credentials to view anything. Come on Wyze, accept the challenge and give us what we need!


You have heard?


Your post (and many others) have been moved over to this #roadmap topic. From that, you can infer that it is being considered, but that’s all I know at this point. Please make sure you click the VOTE button at the top of this topic to increase the likelihood that this will become reality.


Many people are also unhappy with your gratuitous generalization. Perhaps you missed the following post by a Wyzeteam member: “[Browser-based access] is the number one request outside of RTSP”.


a’hem… anyway… consider my comment as mere constructive criticism under the guise of vitriol. iow, take inference rather than offense.


@oaktree and @lothian.mcadam, please refrain from antagonizing each other. (Yes, we can see the original insult, so editing the response doesn’t hide what was said.) Please refer to the following:

Thanks very much! :slight_smile:


As a heads up, I have edited my original post since this feature (while still very popular) is no longer 2nd place. We are looking into RTSP and that would enable people to view their Wyze Cams on computers but we’ll continue to chart interest outside of that. :slight_smile:

I am already in communication with @oaktree. @lothian.mcadam, you will receive a message from me shortly.


Thanks, Rick.


This would be very useful, is it in the works?


I am a iMac user and too wish for a standalone app - BUT - I have found a reasonable workaround.

It uses NoxPlayer as an Android emulator to run TinyCam Pro. I monitor 5 cameras (1v1, 2v2 and 2 pan). It does require some work to launch things but it does work reliably.

I wrote a detailed set of instructions to get set up - do a forum search for my user name “Jet” and you will get that post (I checked).

Another recent thing - if you are a MacOS user and just switched to Mojave - After you install the NoxPlayer - go to and download the most recent version of VirtualBox as the one that installs with the NoxPlayer won’t work with Mojave.


I am a business user and would switch all my locations to Wyze if it had a PC app. Currently I use nest and would LOVE to switch!


I think a good solution to this (and the “web browser access” request) is to build a web server appliance.

IMO, this approach solves both of the most-likely reasons Wyze doesn’t seem interested in providing non-web access; security and revenue.

For revenue, it shouldn’t be hard to build the device - if I had the APIs, I could wire it up on a Raspberry Pi Zero-w, which costs less than $10. I’m SURE Wyze could build a product to sell for $20 (well … $19.99 to keep the price the same as the “low-end model”).

For security, it allows restricting access to the cameras themselves to a “controlled” device. Browsing the web site is still a problem, but it shouldn’t be too hard to add an authentication code in the app … so - hit the appliance, log in with your Wyze account (like you do for the app) … the app pops up an authentication code … type in the auth code and browse away.

Piece o’ cake

Wyze support folk? You watching this thread? I’d be glad to prototype this for you, if you need it.


In conjunction with the 3 Wyse cams I still have 8 Arlo cams because of it web browser app that I need.
I’m hoping the Wyze Team will consider this as well so I can update/replace all my 8 Arlos with Wyze cams … until then, I’ve no need in buying more Wyze cams.


The Wyze App works well on my iPhone, and iPad. But what do I use for my MacBookPro?

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Has there been any talk of making a app that will work on the MacBookPro? It would be very helpful in my situation.


Would certainly like to be able to view all my Wyze cameras on my PC. Was actually surprised when I found out that I can’t. Been thru a couple surveillance camera systems all able with this feature. Please work on this as it is industry standard for many other systems and for all the reason stated here previously. Thank you kindly.


That’s great but talk is cheap lol lets see it manifest into reality very very soon please. I think Wyze needs to commit to this issue and not just with words how about a realistic timeline and commit to meeting it?

I purchased these cameras before learning about this concern. Frankly, I’m very surprised this option is not a reality from the begining? I know Wyze is concerned about keeping the cost down but if this is going to hurt your reputation/ future sales I know I would be dealing with it rather quickly. If I knew this before hand I wouldn’t have purchased these cameras. Something to seriously consider before it’s too late Wyze.


Yes being able to access my cameras from my hub computer would be a great addition as I can record through other sources as well, not only limiting me to the SD card or events. Also using a computer that is network shared can grant access being able to check cameras from any granted location, further cementing this product into something more and a security standpoint that can be used more professionally. I was surprised when there was no desktop version of the app, doesn’t seem to be something too tough to implement. The same features being accessed by a program would lead to being able to monitor cams from home not limiting me to a phone when most work is done on a computer, Adding desktop notifications to events and alarms, as well as motion; I can see Wyze doing this in the future no doubt if they stay on the incline. This would be a huge security increase. Emulating a phone to a computer is simple but trivial in a world of ease of access making it unnecessary. In the mean time I can continue to monitor cameras at home using a phone, however this turns my phone into more of a security device than leisure to communicate to loved ones and receive important calls.

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There definitely needs to be a way for us users to view our cameras via our PC’s. This is a must in some cases where you cannot have a cell phone in use. This ability will set you apart from the other ip camera guys out there.

Please, consider us folks that cannot always have our cell phones with us, but have access to a computer and could use this to our best advantage

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A browser based way to view my Wyze cams would be a great feature to have!! If it was used in a browser instead of a windows app, it’d be accessible to Mac users too.

The ability to view multiple live streams at once would be extremely helpful as well

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