View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

It either needs variations to support other than windows or be universal.

You’re an inspiration To those who ask… Detail your methods for others to try

Here is a “PDF” tutorial on how to setup TeamViewer on Phone & PC to allow you to view Wyze cameras in a PC Window.

Tutorial Wyze & TeamViewer to PC.pdf (1.1 MB)

TeamViewer is great but I’d be careful about overusing it. I got blocked repeatedly reaching the mobile server applet just for trying to reconnect after the connection failed.

Other than that, the existence of that Android server option is a hidden gem.

I had been using TeamViewer for years with no problems.
In the last 6 months I’ve been blocked 3 times for perceived commercial use.
I had my account reinstated the first two times but after the third I gave up and uninstalled it.

Yeah that sucks, and there are fewer and fewer good free alternatives. This is especially true for the Android server.

My issue wasn’t a total lockout but a timeout between login attempts. Apparently it is a bane even to paid users of the commercial edition.

For PC’s I’m using Chrome Remote Desktop. Works great.
No Android server though.

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Remote Utilities has Windows, Mac, Android and Linux apps and is free for I think 3 stations and reasonable for 10.

Countless suggestions to deal with what they’re not doing.

I came here to ask “How can one view Wyze cams on a computer, in particular a Mac?” It appears that this is a “feature request” that has not been implemented and hasn’t been addressed as something that might be implemented for more than two years.

So put me down as yet another person asking for this feature.


Thanks for the suggestion.
It’s free for one client (at a time) and up to 10 hosts. You have to get a Free license code.
No Android host, which means it won’t work for this situation.
I am setting it up for my home PC’s though.

Maybe the Android is only for the viewer (what I use it for) but it works fine as a viewer. I’ll have to look to see if they have an android version of the host side.

Not that it matters all that much, I’ve still given up on ever monitoring via a PC :slight_smile:

What we regularly seem to get is excuses…


What we’ve been getting is silence… :sleeping:

I tried Remote Utilities today. 4 Windows PC’s with RU Server and Host. The Windows viewer works well but tge Android viewer is bad. No address book and I get lots of errors.

We actually get both

I found a 2nd and better way (also free) than teamviewer to display the webcams on your PC.
I tried it on my phone (Android 9) and Windows 10 PC and it works great :slight_smile:

Check out this video!


So that’s “LetsView” and is local only? Should still work for this purpose. Thanks. (I’m not inclined to try it; I use TeamViewer for remote connectivity.)

The extra value with LetsView is that you can record the screen video to a file on your PC and actually have a video of a group shot with 3 or 4 security cams at the same time :slight_smile :slight_smile:

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