View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

Just look at YI home camera…1080p night vision, and only $19.00 now on Amazon.
Yi has both a phone app and an app for the PC. So I cant understand why WYZE is procrastinating over this feature.

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They haven’t got time. They are busy slapping WYZE stickers on Xaiomi bluetooth earbuds. :blush:


That’s not fair. They’re noise cancelling Xiaomi bluetooth earbuds. :wink:

(We’re just joking, they might be sourced from a different company.)


Didn’t hear you. Had my noise cancelling Shure earbuds in.
I can almost guarantee they won’t be the source for WYZE. :grin:


You are funny Angus…

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Hey @Big_monkey, looks aren’t everything. . . :crazy_face:

I think it’s fairly obvious that it’s because they didn’t want to or have been resisting implementing it for some reason. If it was something they wanted, or were forced to do like in-house person detection, you as a developer know it could be done quickly. It’s not a new concept after all, just a basic web interface that other cameras have had for many years. For whatever reason, Wyze has been dancing around the subject for a long time without a definitive answer one way or the other.

One option which is hackish is to run an Android simulator on your computer then run Wyze inside that and then you can view/do whatever the Wyze mobile app can do. Its slow and clunky but it works.

This ticket is my single largest disappointment moving from Foscam to Wyze.

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I am sticking wit YI HOME camera until wyze wises up and get comptive with a PC app.

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! tried a couple of the emulators that allow you run Android on Windows 10. A number of the emulators seemed to need a “Virtual” switch in the BIOS which I don’t have. I did get one of the emulators to install and it didn’t need the BIOS switch. The eumulator that I got running is “MEMU Play”(free). It does need lots of RAM and I have 8Gbytes of RAM. My computer is older which is why I didn’t have the “Virtual” switch and so it is a little slow but not slow with the streaming video once it is setup. There are some problems with the rotate from Vertical to Horizontal but I can get it to work horizontally with 1 camera.

If Wyze just fixed the Vertical to Horizontal bugs to work with MEMU PLAY it would be great!

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I’m with you. I’ve been very loyal Wyze Customer for 2 years now. I’ve got 5 cameras from Wyze and only 1 from Yi. While I do like the formfactor and the mobile app for Wyze, the ability to monitor my kids while working at home is a must! I cannot keep my phone running 24/7 nor do I want to use an emulator to view 1 camera at a time.
Yi allow me to group the cameras together on my PC to view. (and it’s cheaper) - I’m going to buy my next few cameras from Yi now as I’ve been waiting for this feature for over a year.

Add me as another who very much wants to have a web/browser interface for Wyze cameras. Much like Arlo, Ring, Nest, even Eupy and Yi, the web interface is key to flexibility and additional functionality. It would also cause people like me who are on the fence to adapt to Wzye immediately. This is the missing link. So, please, pretty please, give us an idea on when. Or, be honest if it will not happen so I can move on to some other tech, even if at a higher cost. Thanks.

Has anyone tried out the Samsung solution to running apps on windows 10? I know ideally it would be best to run native from windows and not need a phone nearby, but wondering how the experience is.

Amazon is adding even more support for viewing cams, still not a fix for the pc solution, but pretty cool none the less: "The latest software provides a new option to see your Ring or Alexa-ready video cameras on your TV through picture-in-picture — kind of like seeing a small window on your screen — while you’re watching movies or TV show. "

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Thanks, that sounds cool. But if it still takes 30 seconds to start the stream and times out after 10 minutes …

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That is true, I am hoping they improve that now that they are pushing it up as a feature :crossed_fingers:

my experience using the fire cube w/tv or show 8, im usually no more than 5-10 sec to load and not even sure about timeout, i usually turn it off before then, …however that could be something setup in the device like a sleep function that could be extended.

unless its the WCO, which takes longer since it has to wakeup.

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The biggest limitations to that are; you have to be using a Samsung device that was released within the last two years or so. It’s not an extensive list of devices.

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That is a very valid point, I was just trying to get around testing it myself (dont like adding things to my system unless i know they work) :nerd_face:

Me too. Unfortunately I’m not waiting for Wyze. After 1+ year, 6 cameras and a few sensors, I’m going with an IP camera system. Just too many issues and no pc viewing solution.

I’ve gone through a slew of different cameras from YI, wyze and some Chinese manufacturers. All had cell phone based apps, but only Yi had a PC app. The app is a little clunky but it is better that the NOTHING that is offered by Wyze, I have six YI cameras at my house. Front of the house in both left an right directions, inside the garage, front porch, living room, the second floor staircase. The cameras are conspicuous to deter sinister characters. And with a mouse click I can select any one of my cameras to check the front porch for deliveries, find out who just parked in my driveway, see if the trash cans have been emptied, check the front porch for UPS packages and look down the street to see if the mailman has arrived. All without leaving my office or switching to a different device . This is the convenience that I will not give up just to get a cheaper camera. Wyze just doesn’t get it or worse…really doesn’t care.