View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

Will you update your Android app to work on Chromebooks such as Pixelbook?

Doesn’t even show when searched for in the Play Store.

Tinycam Pro tested but not what I wanted. Doesnt work as well at all. It would be nice if you had full Android support for your app, including on Chromebooks.

Hi guys, I’m new to this chat. on 5/15 you mentioned that you have been discussing internally a way to view the Wyze cams on a PC/Browser. Do you have an update? Your cameras are great and be able to watch the action on a Browser/ PC would be ice on top of the cake.
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Obviously, just about EVERYONE (including me) wants to view their Wyze cams on a PC, but my “wish” is to simply see them on my 55", 65" or 73" TV’s. I’ve seen the posts and/or Comments mentioning “side-loading” via Fire TV sticks, downloading BlueStacks, etc. You’d think there was a simpler way, you know? I’d be perfectly happy if there was a 1080p or better tablet that has a mini/micro/macro/standard HDMI out that I can simply connect to a TV (like an old Motorola Xoom I had). Or, better yet, a wireless way to do the same? Is this really that difficult a thing?

Thanks for the opportunity to chime in, Ciao!

Mark Pona

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Dear Wyze:


My husband and I have wanted this since release, honestly, using crap like Bluestacks is incredibly annoying. Your app is still a long way from reliable too. The other day I had a meter checker come by and the [profanity removed] thing didn’t even detect him. I had to get that heads up via text from my husband who watches over blue stacks while he works. Not very happy about these cams I must say, but desktop view would make me reconsider upgrading to a different camera service as most others do not have this obviously desired feature.

Pro tip, listen to the people who buy your [profanity removed].

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I’m sorry to hear that you had that experience. If you would like to work on troubleshooting what happened with your Wyze Cam when the meter checker arrived, I would be happy to do so. We are listening and we’re sorry that you have been having a negative experience with our products.

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Still no easy way to access the Pan Cam via a browser? At least provide basic functionality online!
I’d like to access it on a MacBook Pro in Chrome but I guess we can assume that a browser-based solution would and should be platform-independent anyway.
I don’t understand what’s so tricky about doing that but I’m not an engineer. All it requires is a website and a server (if even that) I would assume.
I understand that we all want to keep the price low. That’s what keeps the Wyze ahead of competitors. But if R&D costs and physical server space/maintenance costs are the reason for the hold-up, why not offer the browser-access as an option for people who want this in addition to what’s already offered and are willing to pay a low one-time access fee or a low subscription fee ($12/year or so) for just that browser access? People who don’t need this could stick with what’s already offered without paying more.

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If Wyze does not offer “View on PC/Browser” soon they will start losing market share.

Cameras like the
“Luowice WiFi Security Camera Outdoor 1080P Wireless IP Camera with Intercom Function HD Surveillance Camera 100ft Night Vision and Support Micro SD Card IP66 Waterproof”
are coming into the market and although they don’t have anywhere near the support level of Wyze being viewable on the PC and IP66 is getting them close to the Reolink Argus 2 for half the price.

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+1 on having it on browser or pc app whichever is easier :pray:


This week I had two of my friends look at my cameras but decided to buy multiple cameras from another company. They like my Wyze cameras but they both wanted access on their PCs or TVs.

A word of advise to the Wyze executives fix this quick or you are going to loose future customers as well as the ones like in this chat are already your clients.

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I’m not in disagreement with “GGSDALLAS”, but I would think that the original purchasers of these very inexpensive cameras didn’t think they’d expand their collection of cams to 10+ as I did. Personally, I don’t find it too difficult to use these things for monitors or the unintended security / surveillance that they were not designed to be. But these cameras have spoiled most, if not almost all, of us to the point where we expect more than what sold us on them in the first place.

So I ask… How many competitive prices cams of equal features and quality are there currently? If there aren’t any, there will be as the success of Wyze opened a lot of people’s eyes to a market thought to be dominated by what has large displays in Lowes and Home Depot.

I certainly want to view via a PC, but the inability to won’t have me switching teams.

I’m supporting team Wyze for their spirit and great, cheap cams!

Mark Pona


I have to disagree with that statement - I think the fantastic support and rapid evolution of the software is what has spoiled ME to expect more than what sold me on them in the first place. It’s not the cameras, its the people behind the cameras.
And it greatly helps they are so inexpensive.
I would NEVER have bought the 15 I’ve bought if they were priced like the competition.


I also share that opinion, but the price is what originally allowed me to take a chance on their quality. The people behind Wyze allowed me to become a supporter of the company. Simply put, they were the “icing on the cake” for me. :slight_smile:

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You can save the clip and upload it to YouTube.

As mentioned by others, I would like to be able to view my cameras from my work PC. I actually can use my phone here, but am not able or allowed to connect to the company wifi. Since I’m not on an unlimited data plan, I really can’t spend much time at all looking at the camera stream using my phone,

And in my case, RTSP wouldn’t work. We’re a big company and I’m not allowed to install any software that’s not on the company list. So the only option that will work is a web interface.


true but there is a security hole with blue stacks
also not many systems can run blue stacks

i would also like to see a connection to security Cams and synology DS
so that i can link it to my NAS and Server system to store the videos offline when needed

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Definitely would be nice to have constant upload to Synology-I have 16 Tb space going to waste. I think that would hold a day or two…

Wyze works with HAlexa devices for your TV.
I have the Fire stick 4k’s on all my tv’s and can access the feeds by saying… HALexa, show me the basement, kitchen, front door etc… which she says ok and fetches the stream asked for.

I agree that a native PC app would be the cats whiskers as well… for now though, android emulator it is.

Please introduce a native web based app. It would be so beneficial to be able to just pull up my cameras on my laptop vs having to pull out my phone.