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Do your cams get a new DHCPD request when you refresh or start the WebView Live ?

@WYZE It makes no sense that when I start WebView that the network on my cameras is restarting. I see it in my dhcpd log and I also test this by pinging them and they stop responding to pings within 10 to 15 seconds after I login to WV, so the WV page never gets to sync with them or only get a few seconds of video before the video freezes which makes sense considering the cam’s network goes offline. for about 60 seconds. Can you put things back to the way they were last week until you figure it out? I put this as one of the great features of CamPlus on a review, at this point that is nullified. :frowning:

It is my belief that the customers that Wyze has are really just testing body for company people who are trying to learn how to program I could be wrong but I don’t think I am

Well, from my experience with a hardware beta, Wyze doesn’t do programming directly. The app and firmware were developed by Chinese contractors. But it’s pretty clear what they release are just some level of beta - whether hardware, firmware or apps or even server side functions - nothing is highly tested before release ultimately unleashing beta products on unsuspecting customers. Ethics have been fully flushed down the toilet.

It’s truly sad, because when they started they had the potential for greatness with the advertised business plan

I think they lost track of where they’re going and maybe even where they came from.

I have found Wyze’s products and software to be superior to the costly Hikvision I used prior. Is it perfect, no but is it good, I think so…

Better than Hikvision? Were you using 10yr old cameras?

To demo here I just acquired a newly discontinued Hikvision DS-2CD2385G1-I 8MP with a 6 mm lens cam and love it. As you say, pricy. But dang. What a wonderful pic and zoom. I have it ‘wired’ to an ASUS wifi router to provide wireless but even with knocking it’s res down to 2560x1440 for wireless stability I’m thinking about buying 3 more.

It’s down to 3 more of these or 3 more of those Sony IMX415 cmos’d wifi/wired/poe box cams from AliExpress. Those are awesome also.

That along with I think WYZE has far too many irons in he fire and just cannot keep up with all of them. A 10-month “beta” is unheard of!

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Nope, 4and 8 MP. Night vision was awful and went out on three of them, which was fixed by warranty. NVR was crude and difficult to manage. I ended up giving away the whole lot so I could move to Wyze and while I have a few issues it is much better than HikVision. I honestly never felt like they lived up to their reputation. I had legit HikVision too … Not the knock offs.

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I agree with you there…it is hard to be the best at anything if you are focused on everything.

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Your experience surprises me. Not that I doubt you but is counter to mine. The AliExpress 8MP box is actually good. Mind you this system isn’t WYZE. I’m using it on RTSP with Agent DVR and CodeProject/SenseAi at my brothers shop.

HK’s night vision on the one I’m demo’ing above does not compare to the Ali boxes using the Sony IMX415 Starvis cmos. Starvis stomps all over the HK cams. Sony’s new Starvis2 cmos’s are multiples above Starvis, but them sell for way way over my pay grade, $900 and up.

But but Light Strip PRO can now be controlled in the app. LOL

I got Wyze since the hardwired system left here by former owner is over 15 yrs old, low res, no update to software, no WiFi, only viewable with vga direct connected to dvr or wired lan using activex plugin for IE which is a security risk. I could buy a new dvr with WiFi and new apps, but I’m still stuck with the low res. Not sure why they installed an 8 cam system here, we have a human 24/7 guard at gate with phone calls for approval of non-residents, only one road access, surrounded by water so no other access. Crime is nearly zero. Only reason I got the Wyze cam was for a way to view front entry for deliveries via an app, without the need for a high cost vdb or subscription since it’s just not needed often enough to justify a costly ring or similar. Plus db location is side facing so can’t view anyone approaching until they are at the door and it’s view misses the packages left directly under it. If it was angled outward, it would miss people walking in from the side walkway, and miss viewing people at the door. Wyze offered the v2 at low cost, with decent resolution, free person detection, free 14 days video stg and SD card option. By mounting it sideways I get a full view of the front entry through the sidelight window, by using 3rd party software I can get motion detection and rotate image to get a normal view in HomeKit. In the Wyze app, I have to tap on full screen so it rotates to portrait view. PD works well enough but due to tree shadows on breezy days, I have to keep sensitivity low so it hinders PD at times, especially non-white people. So, it’s an ok device for its purpose for us. However, I cannot count how many app and firmware updates I’ve had that created more bugs than it fixed. Now web view is only given to camplus, don’t need camplus - tried it a couple times and it’s a total waste for us, so I’m using 3rd party solutions and the web view is works good enough for our casual needs.

Most other cams are easy to use with 3rd party apps, like homebridge for apple HomeKit. Wyze is not easy, they seem to actually do their best to make it difficult so only a few dedicated developers have managed to make reliable software to get Wyze cams into a web view or HomeKit. Some other mfg actually provide the plugins for homebridge since they see it as good for their biz. Meanwhile there are options out there besides hikvision or other pricey cams. One user was talking about good results using amcrest. If I ever need a solid reliable security solution, I’d spend more for solid reliability and a more open ecosystem that I could use natively with 3rd party solutions as desired. I view Wyze as fine for monitoring purposes but too often too buggy for serious security. To each his own though… if it works wonderfully for others great!

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Yeah, I am not sure I need a serious security system but appreciate the lower cost and actually better video quality. I too had the rotation screen issue but figured out it was a setting on my tablet. All in all as a low cost solution, I am happy with it… would I like the cameras to auto refresh when they disconnect, yes but mostly all works well enough for my purposes. I am happy enough with the product, I also have doorbell camera, sprinkler Controller and Wyze lock.

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re: refreshing to re-enter creds

Agreed, kinda. So long as the WYZE system alerts me I have no need to stare at live view.

Buggy indeed. Like you the v3’s I have here at home for the cost do what I need. That being alerting to activity. It would be nice if they were to come out with on-device Ai though. I won’t hold my breath there on that though.

JIC … Screen rotation, I assume you intended device orientation(?), is set in the WYZE app.

Yeah but like you when I would go into full screen it would rotate. I searched Android forums and found it was a setting but that tablet didn’t have that setting. I put it on the other tablet and it has been fine since.

My Digiland Android 10 tablet does the same, will rotate the Wyze app view, so always sideways, and have not found a solution. What is the setting, in case I’m overlooking it? Hope not one of the tablets w/o that setting. Thanks.