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I have a lot of lag when trying to load all my cameras. Many times, not all will load.

But I come from using Blueiris where I can keep my streaming on web on 24/7. It seems there is a short timeout with Wize. I’ll get everything setup and streaming, hop on a call for 20 minutes, and come back to having to log in again and select the cameras to stream.

My use case isn’t to just simply check and jump off, I can do that on my phone. I want to leave the cameras streaming for however long I want. I’d also love to be able to change the layout of the cameras easier

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Yes, you are not alone in general. Unfortunately, Wyze decided to make the webview Beta not interactive. We do not get any significant updates, requests for requirements, or responses to our pleas to stop timing out (this is probably the #1 complaint, and seems like a simple thing to address). So join the queue. We also have no clue what bugs, or features, “might be” being worked on. I suspect a team of One.

Anyway, mine is working fine apart for the usual grumblings about lack of sound, no ability to PTZ if you have them, Maybe we’ll get luck. Oh, the webview GA is slated for 4Q22 (or thereabouts). It’s a pity they just didn’t make the App and Web UI/UX about the same, then it’s more seamless to use, and more intuitive where to find things. But I suspect that is seen as major work, though I did hear a revamp of the App UI is on the way - maybe they’ll finally allow us to create our own named groups for devices!

Good luck. Oh, you can try using the Android emulation to see if you like running the App on the PC. It’s “interesting”. I’ve been using the Nox Player.

How do you view Wyze cameras on Windows 10. I could not gat the Windows/Android app to work. There MUST be a simpler way.

Note the the Live stream - Wyze Web view is currently broken.
Our CAM plus cameras are tagged as unsupported, and Wyze technical support does not know how to fix this.
Otherwise, the Events page works fine.

It would be VERY NICE for the web view to state why the cameras are unsupported or not working.
It currently says nothing. And clicking on the cam plus cameras does absolutely nothing.

Some new update within the last few days which is trying to make the view immediate without lag but now some of my cams won’t load, They never give the Play button, they just stay with an infinite circling icon. This was such a good thing, too. (before the update, that is).

I also tried to use the sound and it wouldn’t work on Sunday at all. I actually just checked and it still has no sound on it. I currently have 4 cameras that I am trying to view and it never loads all 4 cameras so it makes me think their servers arent capable of keeping up.

They use Amazon servers, but maybe not buying enough bandwidth to keep up with demand. Prolly have, in analogy, the “rolling blackouts” that some utilities do when there’s a heat wave so they don’t get overloaded. So this or that camera may work until a random “blackout” for that feed, while your other camera still rolling, and certain cameras won’t load for the same reason. Maybe keeping the bandwidth “tight” till a general release (if there is one), and Wyze will the charge for the WebView to have enough bandwidth to really work, just like they do now to see video vs. still pics. Maybe the demand outgrew what they planned on spending on servers.Just my thoughts, but would definitely not pay unless vastly improved…

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PS Prolly why they demand you have Cam Plus, some of that money going for rental of Amazon server and cloud service, and I bet will still need to have Cam Plus if there is a general release, as well as pay for WebView itself.

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Yeah, the service has a long way to go to be reliable and with this product, it needs to be constantly reliable. Not having sound on the live stream isn’t good, not having cameras load isn’t good, having cameras freeze up during live stream isn’t good, and not being able to play and monitor all of your cameras at one time isn’t good. I can’t imagine myself having 10-15 cameras and trying to use this service right now. It would be virtually impossible.

I have said this all along! WYZE bit off more than they can chew and now they don’t know how to get out of the mess they have created.

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Some camery types are unsupported like the Wyze Outdoor Cam, also cams that are not on Cam Plus are not supported at this time.

I totally agree with you!

I have 6 active cameras and my feeds are loading straight away and streaming. This is a big improvement, but they still have not realized that we need the basic stuff fixed - like not timing out and keep requesting authentication. Sound is another obvious issue. Just be nice to know that they are working on it…

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I agree all as well. Even on their WyzeApp, on the phone, there are gaps even with cam plus, where there’s not supposed to be a cool down. For example, many times I seen someone back out or walk down my driveway to the street, but doesn’t catch them walking or driving up. It’s always when they’re leaving leaving. Tried 2 different v3’s in the same spot, both do the same. Undependable if it misses 50% of the action.

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Should not have to log in for every little change, say a camera freezes. Or if you want to view events, you have to log in again. And won’t log in cuz you’re using an ad blocker, where you are or not, none of their business. Now a new one, I’ve had Nord VPN for a while, and could log in with or without the VPN on. Now when it freezes, I have to log out of the VPN to log into webview, or I get the adblocker message. I can then restart the VPN, and will work until the next freeze, which may be 10 seconds or 10 hours later. A lot of work still needs to be done to make webview ready for primetime. Let’s see, been in so called beta since last November (really an alpha), and here it is NINE MONTHS later without ANY real improvements! Only improvement I’ve seen so far is I haven’t got the Capcha screen in a while where you check all the mountains or fire hydrants.

The web view is great when it works. Most times when I click on the Events, I get a white X saying video is not available.

Please fix this since it is a show stopper for a BETA.

I concur. I have been fairly pleased with most features of the live view beta program but for the past several days I have been unable to view any event videos. I was unsure if it was something on my end, tried several browsers and now I’m very happy (?) to see that another user is seeing the same X error. What’s up Wyze? Too many irons in the fire trying to sell a Wyde variety of products? Your cameras are some of the best and affordable cameras out there, don’t blemish your reputation.

Why does it seem like very time I come to LIVE view my cameras all renew their dhcpd leases. It is like the network on the cams are shut off then turned back on or something (all at once). That never happened before. Very strange. Also many the number of cams that actually receive the feed is minimal.
I don’t think this should have much to do with Amazon servers because I am doing this all from home and after the initial handshake I believe they go down to local connections when done within the LAN.
Not 100% sure, but it seems that way. I just don’t know how I feel about them all retrieving new dhcpd at the same time when I try live view.

WebView is a mess, sometimes I have restart my cameras constantly through the day, now today it’s saying I need Cam plus even though it’s on all of my cams.

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There was a WYZE system problem earlier causing that problem! It’s working fine now.