View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

Yes that’s the one.

Install Docker Desktop
Then following the steps under the "Basic Usage / docker-compose (recommended) " section
Make a docker.compose.yml file based on the sample one you download with your wyze email/password
then run docker-compose up from the same folder where you saved that .yml file.

Now you can view the web UI version with all of your cams at localhost:5000
and each individual cam stream at localhost:8888/driveway or whatever your camera is named.

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Yes. mrtl8 is the most well maintained version, I think someone else might have started it, but this guy does a really good job offering help. I asked for ability to rotate my cam stream 90 deg like he offers for the doorbell and he added it next day!

Easy way to keep yml file handy: make a folder such as c:\docker\bridge or whatever you want to call it - put your yml file there then open cmd prompt as administrator, cd\ to the folder with the yml file, then simply run docker-compose up -d. I put a shortcut to the yml file on my desktop so it’s easy to access it to make edits.

Interesting aside: the doorbell’s native stream is landscape. They had to add the rotation variable to get it into portrait view. Obviously wyze is doing this on their end, yet they continue to refuse adding the option for any cam. At least with this bridge, I can get my sideways mounted cam displaying in portrait view. And with scrypted, I bring my cams into HomeKit so now have normal views on my phone. My server PCs are over 10 yrs old so sometimes things don’t popup immediately, but in general the delays are not too long.

Great, I use Docker at work so should be able to manage it. Thanks for the info!

Also by using the docker PCs IP address rather than localhost you can view either the web ui or individual cams from any browser on you local network. Between the issues listings and discussion topics, there’s quite a bit of help. Plus the users here who are familiar with it.

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Is there a way to get all of the streams to display in realtime in the web UI? I see there’s a refresh interval with a minimum of 5 seconds at least.

Not that I know of, he seems to try to keep things conservative to avoid blowing up the bandwidth. But if you know how to build your own web pages, you might be able to set up frames or cells of a table with each stream displaying on one page. I’ve thought about trying it just not a priority for me.


Is there a way to login to your computer and see you camera

I can’t see any events from my WyzeCam v3s. I can see events from the v2s. When I try to play an event from a v3 camera, I get the “No compatible source” error. I’ve verified this on latest versions of both Edge and Chrome on Windows, as well as Edge, Chrome, and Safari on Mac.

If you have cam plus or pro. The web view beta is available. Don’t think it works if only got cam lite.

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For whatever reason, doorbell camera was not included in the ability to view the cameras. I really would like to see that happen.

I’ve got 14 cameras I’ve hooked up to this service. When I’m home I’m able to access and view the cameras however when I’m out of network I can not access them. (The Wyze App works fine)

When I view the console/network I can see the WSS being requested and the message requests going through, but the payload never converts into a live feed. (The signaling/turn request process correctly.

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I should have clarified that I can view the doorbell on the app just fine whether I am on the network or out of the network. When I try and view via my laptop I can see all of the other cameras just fine but it doesn’t connect to the doorbell camera. It tries to connect and says that it can’t connect to the internet. On the Wyze website viewer, it just says I am unable to view that camera so I can’t tell if it even tries to connect.

Please be aware that these are user-to-user forums and questions will not be answered by Wyze Staff (you may get one occasionally to try and help). Some obvious questions:

  1. What are using at Home (HW/SW/OS)?
  2. What Browser are you using, have you tried Chrome/Edge? Incognito Mode?
  3. Firewalls, Router rules?
  4. Have you tried turning it off and on again?

As always, try again tomorrow :slight_smile:

There must have been some recent code updates because all of my camera’s are starting immediately with no lag. I’m using the Win11 App option so I can pin my cameras to the taskbar. I also use Nox to experiment with views that mimic the App. Anyway, some improvements prior to GA!

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The timeout timeframe is horrible, much too short to really use this thing. Plus, I’d love to monitor a wired doorbell cam.

Can you please clarify exactly what the issue is? Always handy to know what the scenario is, etc :wink:

It’s not really an issue more of an I wish doorbell cameras were included in the initial rollout of Live stream - Wyze

If you have a doorbell camera and go to view it there it tells you it is not supported.

Please look at who you are replying to - my response was to cjstillwell, not you.

Actually, I think I should have started with @cjstillwell to make it more clear. Sorry.