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Well at least I know it not just me

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Yeah, not like they’re gonna give us any update when it’s broken, what they are currently doing with it, or whether we should have any expectations. Seriously poor Beta.

It’s all good. I realize it is a Beta Release and the amount of work that needs to go in to an effort like this. This is what I signed up for when Beta Testing an App and Firmware.

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Page and web view cams working again here in Cleveland. How long they’ll stay on is another question.

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Same here, my cameras are streaming again.

working again here

Yes, working again. The problem was in the RexitMonitor subfunction.

The whole app is working better for me…even some of my cameras are in real time with the clock updating by second…seems like a lot of improvement since the last time I looked.

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Seems to be slightly improved from when I checked a couple of weeks ago:

  • I have 25 cameras show on the dashboard. A few cameras aren’t supported though (battery cams, shared cams, etc).
  • I have 16 cameras that definitely should be able to stream on webview.
  • I can stream 6-8 cams fairly easily. I tested this at least 5 times and I tried doing it in different orders, and it seems the first 6-8 connect fairly easily for me, I got up to 9 streaming on one of my 5 attempts.
  • I am running a pretty good Mesh router with 1gbps bandwidth up & down.

I am guessing they were working on something earlier today.

Cool Tip I just learned:

So, on Google/Nest Hub or Google TV/Chromecast you can normally only stream one camera at a time, right? Well, if you load up this webview in Google Chrome, then you can right-click on the webpage and choose “Cast”

And cast it to a display or the TV and now see LOTS of cameras all at once on the device device, instead of just a single tab:

(above is a Gen 2 Google/Nest Hub/Display showing multiple cams at once)

And since I am streaming the tab itself, I don’t need to leave it on top of all the other windows. I tried covering it up, putting other windows on top of it and it still kept streaming the webview of several cameras to my Google device. Pretty cool workaround to get multiple cams on my TV or Google display instead of just a single stream. :+1: In the future I might just use webview to watch all the outside cams in a group to maximize the viewing area without blanks. But it looks like I could fit 12-16 cams on screen all at once, which is pretty cool.


I did find another problem at the live site, I have some cameras at home and some at another location, the ones at home I can see with no problems on the live view on the windows computer with chrome but the ones at the other location (offsite) just keep spinning and spinning when I click on them… Now if I use my cell phone I have no problem to see them all and same if I use Bluestacks, then they work but not with the chrome browser and windows for the off location cameras. I think it’s always been like this, Just to let you know of this bug

Is the Door Bell Cam supported? It shows on my list but just spins and spins even after rebooting.

I would love to see the API allow streaming live for intergration in Home Assistant and other smart home platforms.

Wyze’s VP of Product talked a little bit about their future plans for integration and movement toward a more local control ecosystem, as well as working on something that would address a lot of the value others get from things like RTSP. It will be interesting to learn more about those details, but here’s what he recently discussed for future plans:

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Fantastic read, thank you.


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