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All of my V2 and V3’s with Cam Plus are working great. Patiently waiting on the wired video doorbell.

Will the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro be able to work also?

So fare very happy with the WebView but have a few things that have come up and wonder if its planned to be fixed.
1, The Floodlight cam worked on Friday the 26th but is now not supported on Monday the 29th.
2. Video Doorbell support Please it worked in the closed beta.
3. Login requiring 2 factor authentication every time on the same pc. This dose not happen on the Wyze account page or on the Wyze page when placing orders with my account but does in the web view page.

FYI, I have 9 cameras total. 6 are v2/v3. 1 orig doorbell. the other 2 are WCO and are not supported. I have a mesh 1000mbs network.

1.Is the user experience supposed to require clicking on the play button to start the feed? IMHO these should autoplay on page load. I’m guessing that autoplay would create performance issues so loading in serial fashion would be okay. If serial autoplay is possible then selecting a preferred camera sequence would be helpful.

  1. I get nothing on initial page load. Just black feeds with a play button. Cams load in about 8 seconds upon manual hitting play. These need to load a bit faster, i.e. less than 5 seconds.

  2. When I select the doorbell cam it spins for 30 seconds and then forces the entire page to reload. That takes me back to black boxes. Unsupported cams should be automatically filtered out.

  3. When I select a cam that I know is unplugged it still tries to load. I assume this will negatively impact the performance of the other video feeds on the page. Cams should not have the play button if they are not currently on the users network.

  4. Love the fact this is up and “running”.

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I had a message here saying that one of the four V2’s wasn’t working and questioned if it was that particular firmware but power cycling it seems to have fixed it so now all cams I’ve tried work on web view.

Now I need to update firmware on some of the V2’s.

Anybody know what the minimum firmware needed on a V2 is?

Seems to be an excessive amount of white space in the default view, is there no way to do a fullscreen group view, like you can in the app? Best I can seem to manage is zooming into the page with the browser in fullscreen, which helps a bit but is still not great.

The latency and uptime of the feeds does already seem good, plus access to events is quite nice, so it’s really just UI at this point that is standing in the way. This is a killer feature for me if I can get my quad view with no white space or UI elements I can’t scroll away from.

Seems the Floodlight cam is back online again thank you.

But i have another issue now where one of my Pan V2 works but the other does not. Both are running Beta Firmware Both have strong and reliable Wi-Fi and are visible in the Wyze app but not in WebView.

I have 4 Outdoor Cams and subscribed to Cam Plus and see nothing. The app on my phone has licenses applied to the 4.

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They are refusing to support the outdoor cameras in order to save your battery.

Apparently Wyze thinks it drains too much battery, yet they sell the solar panels for the outdoor cameras! Yet another AFTER-THOUGHT (using that term “thought” loosely here)! Pissed off that I subscribed for cam plus for all of my outdoor cameras at the suggestion that my OUTDOOR CAM NEEDED CAM PLUS TO USE THE DAMN WEB VIEW!


Yet they sell solar panels for outdoor cameras! Maybe the freaking cameras use more power than the damn sun! Wyze Solar Panel I don’t buy that bull*@** excuse from Wyze.


I have that exact same question. Seems like it wouldn’t be any different :man_shrugging:

And while it’s not made by Wyze, this can be used also… I feel like it should be on the user to decide whether or not to drain the battery.

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Plus the Outdoor Cam cant go back to the timeline like the other cameras. I also subscribed to CAM Plus for that and longer videos

I have cam plus but unable to access the livestream on PC - only the recorded events…

It would be nice if the recorded events had a way to do the 1x, 2x, and 4x as well as a way to download them.

Also, I’ve got the unlimited Cam + service but it is not applied to all of my cams because have firmware that is too old. However, I see the events from those cameras on the recorded events tab, Rather than saying I can’t view events for cameras without cam plus, it would be nice if it knew I had unlimited cam plus and allow me to see all of the cameras anyway.

I cannot believe I didn’t think of this!!

I’ve been waiting for this, very cool! But, very sneaky… Wyze Cam Plus only. UGH! I understand though. I just have probably 15 or so cameras.

You know what I’d LOVE to see… a subscription similar to NEST where you just pay a flat like $125 a year and can connect all your cameras. If you did this I would jump on it. Please consider especially now with this new feature that requires Plus. Thank you :slight_smile:

Probably because they are hoping to get more people to sign up for Cam +.

For sure… but everyone just keeps taking more money from me and everything keeps going up and up and up in cost I’m about tapped out. :frowning:


Just started using the beta, would be great to be able to remove cameras that aren’t enrolled in cam+
Edit: camera groups takes care of this, nice.

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