View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

I would expect they will address that before it emerges from beta.

I would hope they are concentrating on stability of basic functionality before moving on to improved features (such as removing and rearranging views).

No, you posted in the right place…starting a new thread would probably just get the post merged back in here or the news announcement thread about this. You can definitely post here. It says “Solved” because of the way the forum software works after Wyze announces an official solution for a roadmap or wishlist item. Since they have publicly allowed the anyone [with cam plus] to use it now, it’s considered “solved” but it’s okay to continue discussing things related it. Since the webview site is linking to this thread, it’s probably best to continue to post here, but alternatively it’s also okay to post in the news release thread that Gwendolyn posted above:

Since it’s still in Beta and not fully released as a completed service yet, for right now there is no way to remove the incompatible cams from the main view. I’m just grateful Wyze is allowing us to “test” the service early even though it’s not fully completed yet. You made a valuable suggestion though. I am sure many of us fully agree with this insight to allow us to deselect individual cams from the view. I too have a bunch of cams I’d like to take off the screen or be able to rearrange more easily in a different order without having to do it in the app.

One work around for this for now is to take all the cams do work in the web view and put them all into the same camera group on the app, maybe even name it “Webview cams”. Then in the webview link you can click the little four dots on the top left and select to only show that group of cams, and after selecting that group, click “View Live Streams” and now it will filter out all the other cams.

Hopefully a future update will allow us other options, but for now our choices are to have every cam on the screen (including the ones that won’t stream) or pick a single group to stream. Hopefully that helps while we wait…it’s what I am doing while I wait for further advances and another announcement on updates to this.

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As of right now i have not found a way to filter anything out like that in the web view beta test, this is a bare bones beta test .
This is just a guess but thinking they want to test how their servers are going to handle it at first.
If you can’t figure out how to do something that you want in this test it’s probably not available yet, check back at a later date.
To all the naysayers this is proof that they are working on it.
Happy holidays my friend :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am happy to report I got my cameras to work on the web browser. I chatted with a Wyze Wizard who suggested that I log out of my Wyze account and open a new browser under incognito mode and log in again. She also suggested that I close the app on my phone. That did the trick.

I have yet to get it to work at all. I’ve done all sorts of tests, even what jasonjasonjason said worked. I just keep getting the spinner, but no video. I have 3 V3 cams that I am trying to do. All have CamPlus on them.

I’m having the same issues as you. No matte what I try i continue to get these spinning bagels. If anyone has any other suggestions im happy to try them in hopes of getting webview working. I have 3 v3 cams with the
beta firmware

Isn’t that the purpose of selling the solar power panels for outdoor cameras? Why limit people who are investing in your systems???


If you’re viewing it on a browser that allows you to view the page source, you can create a bookmark to do it yourself. The bookmark would simply use JavaScript to reference the node of the banner, clicking it would remove the banner. The benefit of the bookmark is that when you refresh the browser, the banner would come back. So clicking the bookmark would be a way of removing it again.

For example, a bookmark whose URL is:


…when clicked will make the forum navigation bar go away.

Hope that helps.


When can we use Wyze Cam Outdoor on Wyze Webview? All my cams are Outdoors!! :frowning_face:


Or, you know, a decent ad blocker.

Each to his/her own. I don’t use adblockers.

Hang on kids, gonna be a rough ride for a little while but being able (4 years waiting) to view my cameras on my MacBook Pro Retina is Dynamite. I know a little about coding and trials and more coding so I understand why development of a functioning app is fraught with disappointment and set-backs…

Keep up the good work Wyze, you have my appreciation

It appears that this might be a typo that left out the Cam Pan V2… I can see a ‘snapshot’ of one of my Wyze Cam Pan V2s in Live view (Live view is frozen), as well as events from them on the Events tab.


The web interface is nice that something is finally developing and once more established, would be an excellent choice for those of use that would like to take a peak at home from work.
Suggestion would be to allow more ability to group cameras - just for the web-view and auto connect and view when logging in.
I would though like to simply get the once-and-for-all answer to appears to look like a basic refusal on being able to get RTSP as an already turned-on available option.
I have tried the bin firmware files. A few on v2 when this first was offered and one on v3.
What I have experienced is the v2’s have a terrible time staying connected. Also flashing back to factory, this just kills the v2 cameras. At least mine as I lost 4 and stopped there.
v3’s well, I have not tried to go back to factory out of simply fear of killing it. however, they do appear to stay connected a whole lot better. So much better, I would almost be tempted to do all my v3 cameras and future purchases but i don’t want to block all of the future firmware updates.

Seems kind of silly that the RTSP can be so much improved but still blocks the firmware updates, which is why I say again, just include the RTSP as an optional way to connect the cameras and still continue to get all of the future improvements to the cameras.
So, is there any chance that RTSP will ever be offered like this?

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I wholeheartedly agree with this. Some of us work as professional software engineers and we’d like the bake the RTSP stream into things we are building for ourselves. While I agree it’s nice there’s finally a webview, if I had access to consistent RTSP streams, I’d build my own immediately.

As a general purpose home security monitor these work fine, but without access to the stream itself, that’s all they’ll ever be.

Wyze has posted in the past that the reason RTSP isn’t included in the production firmware is the lack of storage space on the V2 and Pan cameras.
I would have thought they would have prepared for this with the V3.


Outstanding to see the app available on PC and the start is great. BUT having to continually sign in makes it much slower to access a camera than the phone app. Once signed in shouldn’t you stay signed in until you log out? Is there something that can be changed to eliminate the need to repeatedly sign in?

I expect that depends on whether the v3 is a ground-up design, or simply Wyze’s adaptation of an existing product (similar to the v1 & v2).

Yeah I get logged in but when I try to play my camera it just spins and spins. Recorded views work which is great.
I tried via Chrome browser. It wouldn’t even log me in with Brave or Edge Chromium.

I logged in on both Chrome and Edge, and got my cameras, albeit a bit slowly, but it logs you out after a while. I have two V3 with Cam Plus and a number with no Cam plus. None are in groups.

If the tab is left open and you just reopen the browser it stays open a bit longer, but if you go back and forth in the open browser and have to re-click the tab you have to login again and again and again.