View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

Yes, same here actually. They did hold out hope of extending it to us others later, but holding our breaths might be unwise.

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Been using it today, once I fought through the ridiculous Captcha nonsense. Feed runs for 10-15 minutes then freezes. Previously, I used an Amazon Fire 10" tablet mounted above one of my monitors to see the feed, now I can use a larger monitor. Even when I make the web page fullscreen, and the camera feed fullscreen, I still have scroll bars on the side and bottom of the image. It is a 16:9 monitor, so the feed should fit perfectly when fullscreen. I understand this is a beta, and I hope the wrinkles can be ironed out. If I could get several cameras on a larger monitor, I would be a very happy camper. I’ve been waiting years for this, was the only thing preventing me from going to all Wyze cams and replacing my old wired cameras.


I am disabled and would like to see what is going on outside please create program that allows us to view camera on pc


I am glad to see this go live and I was able to get to the link and see all three of my Wyze Cam V3s. A whole lot better than watching on my cell phone or trying to pull it up on my Fire TV

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Why was outdoor cam not included?

Cameras (currently) need Cam+ to be eligible. Is that even available for the Outdoor Cam?

Yes, And I have cam+

It may be something that add later then. (Keep in mind this is still a beta).

That said, live viewing on a battery powered camera for anything but an occasional quick look is a battery killer. Blink, for example, is rather aggressive about shutting down live views after a short while. If Wyze doesn’t have a auto-timeout feature in place for the OC, it could lead to someone pulling up the view for all their cameras, and coming back later to find the battery dead on all their Outdoor Cameras.

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Makes sense, Thanks

I have cam plus but computer browser says “you don’t have any wyze cam paired with account” but i definitely have, 3 actually, the thing is that i can access at my phone :thinking:

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I get that message for a brief moment before it takes me to the login screen.

The message one gets if a camera isn’t seen as subscribed to Cam+ is “Live stream is not supported on this camera. Learn More”, and that is displayed in the black box where each camera view would normally be.

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That happened but i already logged in and same text, already 20 minutes and same

Hi @WyzeGwendolyn all of my cameras are “Up to date” on the app, however, when logging into the Live stream - Wyze, I am seeing 4 out of the 5 cameras showing “This camera needs a firmware update to view the livestream.”

Any reason why?


Try updating your cameras with beta firmware

I can’t speak to other models, but that wasn’t necessary on my two v3’s.

I’m sure there is probably a bug somewhere but I’m trying to use this feature. I have two camera that have cam plus but when I use browser live app it shows me all my cameras and they all say need a firmware update to use this feature but when I click on the app to look for newer firmware updates there isn’t any to be shown. Also when I click on the cameras that I have cam plus for in browser feature for more info it says needs cam plus even though right on the screen it shows them as having the cam plus subscription. Any help here? :slight_smile:

My 8 WCOs are showing as the example here, all are on Cam Plus, All are up to date on firmware per the app on my iphone:


Is there another Firmware that needs to be installed on the WCOs?

I have two Pam Cam V2’s, one is showing a still photo ‘preview’, the other nothing, both ‘spin’ when attempting to open the camera to view the feed:


Four of my Six V3’s appear to be working (I can view a live stream),

All Six V3’s have the RTSP beta Firmware.

The Doorbell Camera will not produce a live feed.

All 18 Camera’s have Cam Plus



I saw this issue also. Once I pulled the cameras up on my phone app and then rebooted the ones showing this, they just started working.

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I just read about the Web Viewer. I have the Security Monitoring Service and 1 cam pro license. I will have to check it out. I am so happy to see Wyze came out with something. I have had a old iphone and have 4 cameras in a group and have on a 32" tv so I can monitor my surroundings.