View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

Yeah that kinda pissed me off when I discovered it. Had to upgrade my CPU, which meant upgrading my board also, even though they were only a few years old. Not that this is a new thing, M$ has been partially controlling the hardware industry for a long time.


Windows 11 is primarily Microsoft’s stimulus plan for computer manufacturers. :smiley:


Hahaha! Not wrong there, sir!


It would be good to be able to view the cameras via the cameras on your desktop rather than phone app only.

I don’t know if this would pose a security issue so understand if that isn’t the reason why it hasn’t been integrated but seeing as a computer has larger screens and you can do things like scroll through video feeds easier on a computer than an app it makes sense that it would be a good a good feature.

Like to use my PC with my wyze cameras

How can I use the wyze app on my PC?

There are one or two ideas in the posts above yours. :wink:

Thank You for the PC viewable development!
I’m brand spanking new to the security cam space, a donation cam was given to me and it was rather bland and 720p so I researched better cams and bought one of yours. I was dismayed it could not be accessed via PC. I’m using an android emulator now but not a great experience. I would like to have my cam viewable on my desktop since I’m on PC 18 hours a day. I’m curious if WYZE will also be making an app to work with Windows 11 also. I saw mention of Win 11 natively being able to run android apps from MS store and Amazon apps.

I have RTSP beta firmware running on my v2 and my v3 cam now and can view them both outside of the app. A simple RTSP to WebRTC script will allow viewing both cams on a single webpage.

The only issue here is that the RTSP firmware is independent of the mainline update channel, so not sure about the future of it. Right now however, it works!

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BlueStacks worked fine on my old mid-2012 Mac w/16gb ram. A few months ago I switched to a 2020 M1 Mac and Wyze runs natively in full screen. You are right about Windows 11. Just make sure your PC qualifies for Windows 11. In the meantime, there are several emulators but Bluestacks worked fine for me. If your PC is very old then consider adding ram to it - cheap and makes a huge difference.

Hey, thanks a bunch! will give it a try

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Anything from WYZE itself? At least other than an afterthought and silence?

Not that I have heard since the last AMA where they said it is in-development and will be part of Cam Plus

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