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It’s been an incredibly difficult year. The pandemic just about took us out. But we’ve got some really exciting news. The future of Wyze is secured, and Wyze is back!

Watch the video to see how Wyze users came through and kept the Wyze revolution alive, once again.

We love you, and can’t wait to build the next phase of Wyze, together!

Wyze users came through and kept the Wyze revolution alive

That kinda feels like a kick in the face. “We” kept them alive, but they won’t give us a feature that we’ve been begging for, for free.

That’s pretty sad.

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What assumptions?

Or, anyone could look at the top on the page and see 4422 votes on a post created in Nov. 2018. Right above Gwendolyn’s post;

When do you think I joined the community?

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Well the video makes very clear that they are talking about paying CamPlus subscribers keeping them alive AND making them a viable target for investor cashola.

Wyze needs the option to access your camera from your MacBook, so you don’t always have to use your phone.

I am ready to rip out all of my Nest cams and switch to the v3 but I can’t do that without PC viewing support.

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A landscape mode for the iOS application has been discussed extensively but since more than 3 years we only see empty promises and no progress. Most iPAD users use tablets in landscape mode especially when using with keyboards the required rotation is rediculous.

My ios Wyze app uses landscape mode!
The version is 2.24.52

What ios version are you using?

I suggested to @WyzeDave and @WyzeGwendolyn that perhaps Wyze should purchase an iPad and keyboard for each of it’s employees (and perhaps an Android Tablet with attached keyboard) and make them use the Wyzes App in Landscape for a month. Perhaps this large infusion of cash that Wyze recently received, they’ll do so, and finally FIX the Wyze App Landscape issue???

Perhaps Wyze Employees don’t actually use Wyze Products?.. Maybe Wyze employees have never used an iPad in Landscape mode?.. Perhaps Wyze Employees have never seen one of these keyboards you attached to an iPad or Android Tablet?

I only have Wyze Cams, and no other Wyze products. Does the glaring lack of Landscape Mode cause pain in the App for other Wyze products that use the App?


Now I see that there is a problem on the iPad.
I first opened ios Wyze on my Mac and it ran fine in horizontal.
But then I opened ios Wyze on our iPad and it goes into horizontal, but the image never finishes loading! It seems to be in a continuous loop!
Very strange.
So I feel your pain.
I wonder if anyone has figured out how to complete loading it horizontally on an iPad.

The year is 2021 and we have been waiting forever to view our videos on a desktop. Can you provide an update?

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They just released beta firmware for v3 cams with RTSP enabled. I can stream my v2 and v3 cams via a python scripts now.

There was an update in an AMA about 3 and a half months ago, they are working on a web version and it will be a part of Cam Plus

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For another words. nothing has been done

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Need an application to view cameras on PC

Or, or, get Windows 11. It allows Android apps to run on it. Windows on a new PC is available now. Over the next few months, we will be able to buy or get a free update to Windows 11 depending on factors such as age of current PC. Might wait a couple weeks/months, but sure looks like its a more realistic plan that waiting on a <Windows 10 app. (However, not today. Android apps on Win11 is delayed.)

When I went into Windows Update yesterday , I got a notification about windows 11 that my PC was compatible but my other PC said incompatible , one has a 7th Gen processor the other has an eighth Gen processor , It’s pretty sad if you ask me you can’t run Windows 11 with a7th Gen


You may be able to (officially) hack it into place:

From what I understand apps from Amazon App Store will work with windows 11 , apps from the play store will not work , that doesn’t do any good for the wyze app’ because it is not available at Amazon


Yes but they’ve also promised the ability to sideload, which makes that largely moot. (If you’re willing to hack around with Android on PC there’s a decent chance you won’t mind sideloading.)

Also, another guide for installing Win11 on anything.

Personally I hope to never have to use the “new” OS. Win10 is lousy enough and was promised to be the last version.

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Oh I agree I am not excited about windows 11 at all, my other PC that’s incompatible , I’ll probably just keep running 10 till 2025 by then I might want a new one anyway.
I don’t like the game that Microsoft and others are playing anyway