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It’s been an incredibly difficult year. The pandemic just about took us out. But we’ve got some really exciting news. The future of Wyze is secured, and Wyze is back!

Watch the video to see how Wyze users came through and kept the Wyze revolution alive, once again.

We love you, and can’t wait to build the next phase of Wyze, together!

Wyze users came through and kept the Wyze revolution alive

That kinda feels like a kick in the face. “We” kept them alive, but they won’t give us a feature that we’ve been begging for, for free.

That’s pretty sad.

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What assumptions?

Or, anyone could look at the top on the page and see 4422 votes on a post created in Nov. 2018. Right above Gwendolyn’s post;

When do you think I joined the community?

Well the video makes very clear that they are talking about paying CamPlus subscribers keeping them alive AND making them a viable target for investor cashola.

Wyze needs the option to access your camera from your MacBook, so you don’t always have to use your phone.