View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

Here you go. I can find 5x that DO offer web access for every 1 that does not.

No sense in you arguing about it, Wyze is just not interested in honoring the 4,000+ user requests. Simple as that

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If we are lucky, Windows 11 will allow us all to run Android apps on a Windows PC? We will see when it gets released in October…

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What’s lucky about that? That still not what we are asking for. That’s just another workaround to an issue that should not exist.

That’s an awful solution. First, because I’m on a Mac. LOL
And second, because an app should be optimized for the environment you run it in.

That’s an affirmative on Windows 11.

In addition, I have now added iPad OS versions of my Android apps to my MacBook Air M1, including the Wyze app, which shows up on Mac as full screen in landscape mode; and the DoorBell cam shows up large in portrait mode. (The MBA replaced my mid-2012 MBP which did the same with Bluestacks, for which there is now no further need on the M1.)

I’ve never seen someone pimp so hard for another company in a forum chat. You an employee?

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No I am not an employee and I have no connection with this co. other than as a satisfied customer. I am an 85 year old retiree with an interest in home automation as a hobby to help keep me busy and engaged in the world.
Contrary to this rather unpleasant and false characterization of my motives, I view the nastiness of some of the comments here from others as having the effect, consciously or unconsciously, of attempting to smother, in its infancy, a small enterprise of enthusiastic young men and women who are trying to re-invent the industry of developing and marketing consumer electronics, by acquiring the rights to shell products, then re-engineering the software and design in such ways as to deliver ingenious and competitive products at prices which not only deliver value to us customers but have put downward pressure on the pricing policies of their competitors’ products up and down the line.
What these kids are doing fascinates me, and personally I think their biggest mistake is tolerating the use of their consumer forums for relentless attacks on their corporate and personal integrity. No other co. would allow this use and abuse of their forums for attacks on their corporate and personal character to continue unabated as this co. has, and I think it is a shame.


Also, as a fellow Mac owner I would hope you would see the analogy between this group of adventurous young people and the “two Steves in the garage” and the introduction of the Mac in 1984. That was the last time I was this excited about an electronics company and their products.
And they too, and their products, were bitterly attacked and ridiculed for years.

Spot on sir.

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Point taken. But you need to consider that many view having a web interface as a basic staple. And you went far out of your way to ‘unscientifically’ discredit that. You kindly offered folks an alternative solution, but don’t seem satisfied until you ‘convert’ folks to your way.

Thousands of companies are bashed in social media every day. The only time a company is brought down by this type of criticism is when they don’t respond. Wyze has responded to this thread. So there’s really nothing to worry about. They will have to deliver, time, and time again, to show the public that they can be trusted to do what they say.

And as someone who works in development, in the eCommerce field, I can tell you that something is wrong if a forum member is more active responding than their employees. Unless they deem most of the comments as harmless rhetoric. Wyze has over 100 employees, and hundreds of millions in backing. They can remedy these things in a reasonable amount of time. IMHO

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150 employees, and $150 million dollars later, they are far from ‘two Steves in the garage’.

I don’t expect to “convert” anyone. My posts on all the alternatives, present and upcoming, are prompted by new members joining this discussion whose comments suggest that they have not read the earlier discussions about alternatives. I don’t think my posts are any more repetitive than are the drumbeat of repetitious attacks on Wyze. They may sound repetitious to you, but they are intended for new posters who seem to be unaware of these alternatives and/or speak of these simple alternatives as if they beyond the ability of normal users when they are in fact pretty simple.
And I recognize that some posters have special needs and/or work situations which rule out the practicality of these alternatives. But that hasn’t seemed to deter them from re-posting their same complaint over and over now, has it? Presumably to a new audience, I would guess?

I think the key to this conversation was based on the innovation and forward thinking that both companies started with. Although differing beginnings they are headed the same direction

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I think the key to reining this conversation in (and boy does it need it) is turning it back to the idea: Why, is it taking so long to develop this feature?

Now many of us are very familiar with the technology, and this is something we could do blindfolded if we had access tot he unfettered stream from the device…so, it’s not just a stream issue. Ok, so security? Or it is a business issue that’s holding this feature up?

Transparency is paramount, is it seems like that is really lacking here. Some input from the company of what the issues are would go a long way. When you develop a company with the community you can’t ignore them.

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Good point. And seeing that this thread is 3 years old, speaks volumes. I guess I hadn’t realized how dismissive Wyze was on this. For years!

Having purchased 7 cameras, a vacuum cleaner, and led light strip (Still waiting on shipping), I definitely will rethink my enthusiasm based on how they handle this issue. That may sound dramatic, but the market is competitive, and I’m really looking for the most hassle-free experience. And right now, needing my phone by my side to do everything, is a hassle.

For the record, the 1984 commercial was a joke at the time and is more so in retrospect. Apple (especially under Jobs) has always been among the most expensive options with limited expandability and interoperability - hardly a brave blow for the masses. They became the entrenched tightly controlling elites, not IBM. Nice interface work though. (Thanks, Xerox.)

They did some good work but the garage mythology waved bye-bye a long time ago.

(Hey as long as everyone is waiting for a browser viewer and sniping at each other what’s wrong with an old fashioned OS war? :wink: )

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What if someone only wants 1-2 cameras instead of purchasing a 4 pack?

Does that 5:1 include cameras that use old outdated ActiveX controls?

Aside from Wyze itself, I note 3 other cameras in that price range (Blink Mini, Reolink E1, Wansview) have been posted that don’t offer web access. So, do you have 15 that do at the ready?

You two and others are putting so much effort into finding reasons why Wyze should or shouldn’t have a web interface but seem to be forgetting that they have committed to developing one.

Now the arguement is, should they be charging extra for it?

Now that you’re up to date, carry on… :grinning:


I am happy to update YOU with the fact that they are not committed to provide a web interface. This has been the most requested feature from users for more than two years and it’s simply never gets done.

I have been a customer (long before you) and supporter of Wyze since the very first day they began offering their Home Security webcams, and have a total of more than 50 V2, V3, pan, and wcos at three different locations, but their programming department is clearly substandard and they are not focusing on improving the software very much. In their efforts to put out a wide variety of household product before going public, they have gotten caught up in a massive software development problem and have diverted resources away from improving the cams. Hopefully they will revisit this sometime in the future, but for NOW the lack of being able to view the cams in a simple web browser has been recognized by most of their millions of users as being sub-standard. Read up on all those hundreds of comments sometime before you incorrectly interject yourself

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