View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

  1. I don’t know but assume yes.

  2. Any Wyze firmware should work. Mine is quite old.

  3. I don’t think so.

  4. I don’t think so.

Do you have the Wyze skill installed in your Amazon account and linked to the Wyze account that controls the cameras? Is your Alexa app logged in to that Amazon account? Did you tell Alexa to Discover?

Mileage may vary; it doesn’t work on my phone Alexa app but does in Win10.

thank you for the reply.
I am using the stock firmware on V3 and rtsp on V2. Will the Alexa app on pc support them?
sure , they were linked successfully, and they appear under the smarthome Tab , but it says " the pc currently can not control your device". That is why I ask those questions since I don’t have any amazon device .
When I use wyze skills to show the cam , it just says"ok", but nothing happens after that.

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Be sure to load the app on your phone as well and use the phone app to view them first. Once you can see them in the phone app you should be able to see them in the PC. It took a couple of minutes after I had it working on the phone and then I could see the cameras on my pc. I also do not have any amazon devices.

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V2 cameras with RTSP firmware work fine with Alexa.

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So I’ve had the phone out for a while only some of them show up as live view.
And none of them show up on the PC app.

I install the alexa on my phone , when using the wyze skills , it says “xx camera not work on this device”, I am using a pixel 5.

@Livenetwork check your firewall settings on your wifi router. My router needed me to set the firewall to ‘minimum’ setting in order for them to be seen in the app correctly, Then once I had all the cameras discovered and communicating I set it back to “Medium” and it all works now.

I’ll give that a try.

Glad I found this forum! Quick question, I have a small office (4 people) and we cannot see our front door when someone rings it. I know Ring is built for that, but we’d like to actually have a little larger overall view so looking at Wyze. For it to be effective, having it viewable in a PIP on our laptops is optimal.

I’ve gathered from this thread that while Wyze touts their camera stream can be shared among others, it only provides it via their app which is only available for use with smart phones vs. desktops. Correct?

Also gathered that a workaround is downloading the Alexa app for PC which will pick up the signal and make it viewable in PIP format on your desktop (laptop, etc.). Correct?

We do not have an Alexa in our office, does anyone know if you need to actually have one to set up an Alexa account to make this all work?

Based on the need I laid out above, does anyone think this is the way to go (Wyze product > Alexa app) or is there another product out there anyone would recommend?

Thanks all!

Welcome to the forum.
Since you appear to already have a Wyze camera go the Alexa route.
You can use the Akexa apo without an Alexa device. The app (laptop) becomes your device.

Another alternative, that I use, is tinyCam app on an Amazon FireStick. I have the FireStick attached to a 27" monitor. You can either view multiple cameras at once or use the remote to switch cameras.

Nope, OP is just considering it.

…but we’d like to actually have a little larger overall view so looking at Wyze.

So it’s not a very good solution for @mdonovan. Even assuming it works, it’s only one camera at a time and apparently there’s a time limited cutoff with the Alexa Win10 app.

Streaming it to a cheap mounted tablet would be fine and more suitable but for PiP to a desktop no, they’re better off with a camera that has browser or native app support.

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Look at you, paying attention and all. :blush:

I really like the FireStick and tinyCam though. As you know, we can mix canera brands. You need a dedicated monitor not PIP though.

Well, one could go crazy and put TinyCam or Wyze app in an emulator… I wouldn’t go there personally.

Also, I’m not sure if mdonovan really wants a full time window or just something that he or she and staff can call up on demand. Even so, I find the lag involved too much for any kind of real time action and response.

Do not have anything as of yet.

Goal is to have a single fixed camera that is viewable by each member of our team on their desktop/laptop (vs. their individual phones via an app) so when the doorbell rings, whomever is at their desks at the time can see who it is and whether or not they need to deal with it.

In my opinion you need something much faster then. I understand the Eufy doorbell is pretty quick. Or any camera that offers local viewing with a Windows app or browser. Wyze isn’t going to cut it. :frowning:

I guess you could get by with the Alexa workaround, if you close the session after 10 minutes and don’t need mic access.

All these 3rd party fixes for something that is basic seems ridiculous to me. Wyze could offload all the negativity by enabling viewing on PC’s.


Yes, in this case buy the right tool for the job.
In my case I had a bunch of Wyze cams then atarted working from home. I wanted to have a view of the doors and driveway.
The Wyze cams are too slow for real time.

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Angus.Black if the Wyze cams are too slow for real time, what did you get?

I’m using a Heimvision HM311 wired camera for my driveway. They work on Wifi too.

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