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Not me but somebody posted pretty recently that it worked great.

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Yes, yup, uh huh, si, Oh hell ya!!

I am not sure, seems that delivery of items that don’t meet advertised expectations is not being improved. I love my little Wyze doohickeys, but support??? meh…

Me thinks their margin is bigger… After all they buy in bulk

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I posted a screenshot back on December 20, 2020 in this thread of it running on my M1 Mac Mini.

I’ve noticed an occasional glitch in the graphics of the controls, but switching between screens in the app usually clears that up.

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I keep coming back hoping for a change. It has been one of the hottest wants for a long time and they seem to not see it as a priority. unfortunately I have had to start going with other options as new needs arise. So sad as I loved what they stood for.

In the meantime I do still have plenty of Wyze Cams and for mean I did find that BlueStacks had worked decently to access my cams on Windows 10. I use it in my office to see the front room of our business as well as other areas. Performance is good and the controls all work. Have not tried it on BlueStacks 5 yet, but 4 has been working for a while not.

For those not familiar, BlueStacks sets up an Andorid environment on your PC allowing you to run Android apps.

For those looking for a solution, other than RTSP or emulation, I came across this Reddit post offering a fairly simple sounding solution that appears to work (at least, from reading the responses on the post) through a Chrome app. I haven’t tried this yet, but I thought some of you might be interested:

Before I check this out, is this possible on a mac because its through chrome apps which mac also has?

I tried Arc Welder probably a year ago, or more, without much success.
It would be worth trying again though. I think Arc Welder is still beta so probably changes a lot.

I have managed to get Arc Welder to work at times. It was hit or miss for me so I quit using it.

They stopped supporting arc welder December 2020 I’m sure whatever any newer version of wyze was probably patched to prevent it from working. I’m curious to know what versions of wyze did Arc Welder actually work with.

As far as I am aware Wyze has not done any patching to make it not work. I would have to dig out my old laptop and see what version I had installed on it. Would have been whatever version was active around June of last year

Wow, I’m a little surprised to see this feature request still not out yet. I would like to have a single pane of glass with all my cameras. This would be great to put up on a monitor somewhere in my home or office.

Call me technically ignorant here. But I have an Amazon Echo Show and I can say “Alexa, show Cam One”. To which it’ll reply “OK” and up comes a video feed on my 5" screen sitting on my desk. I’m guessing that this is possible because Alexa is hooked up to my Wi-Fi and my Wyze camera recognizes Alexa as a trusted device and allows the feed to be fed to it. Which is a nice. Not as large as a PC screen, but not bad. From what I’ve learned, the feed doesn’t hit the Wyze servers at all. It all remains within my home network. So if my PC is also on my Wi-Fi, why couldn’t a rather lightweight native Windows app also display the feed the same way my Echo device is?

Try saying, “Alexa show cams 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8.”. That’s what people are looking for.