View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

Noted. To clarify I’m just replying the facts. You seem to state ur thoughts. But we get it… U a smart guy and know everything and love Wyze like a religion. Sometimes you really don’t have to comment, unless it’s helpful. Sometimes I wonder if we’re reading the same posts and talking about the same equipment. Just saying.

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Practical realities? You mean like pushing a product to market before the basics are completed? Transmitting to a web browser is a gimme. It is so ubiquitous I did not even notice that Wyze did not support it when I bought one.

No matter to me though, I’ve moved on and only have the one wyze.


Well put. My lawyer (who is also my wife) agrees.

That has got to be the worst argument. There are dozens of cams on the market that advertise Android and iOs compatible and are not Windows or Mac OS, or Linux compatible.
If “mist” assumed then they misassumed.

Doesn’t amazon also own Ring now as well? Blink may be stalled because amazon is working on rolling them into either Ring or some other product line or maybe trying to create tiered product with one hitting a low-mid level and the other for a higher end. I don’t know and obviously you don’t know either. So while you toss out Blink as an example there are many that offer web interfaces - you fail to mention any of those. Meanwhile it feels like you attack everyone calling out wyze for the inaction. You can not justify wyze inaction on this issue so you toss out unsubstantiated excuses. Meanwhile everyone who is objective sees wyze dragging their feet on this issue. Fact: by the number of votes, this is desired by far more than anything else voted. Landslide winner - will make wyze great.

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Well, I normally read specs and reviews pretty closely before I buy, although the $25 delivered cost didn’t push me to overly scrutinize it as much as my anal tendencies regarding most of my tech type purchases. Anyway, I screwed because I assumed any modern IP device has a browser or similar web interface - like my NAS, my router, my printer - even an old cctv system that was left behind by previous owner of the house. That system is 15 yrs old and has a web interface, has a plugin for IE to view remotely, but unfortunately the res sucks, no wifi and small HD - was considering just a new NVR box with wifi but we really don’t need 8 cams - one for front for package deliveries is sufficient. Anyway, blame me for my ignorance and stupidity for assuming all these IP devices had web interfaces - dumb [MOD EDIT] me got what I deserved.

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RTSP / NAS is really the way to go Wyze; this is another #wishlist items that will be satisfied when RTSP / NAS will be properly implemented on Wyze firmware/app.

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I’m no IT eng’r so this could be way off base, but it sure seems all 3 issues - RTSP, NAS/NFS and PC/Web could be solved by a fork of the firmware - maybe like the RTSP version, tweak it enough to satisfy all these issues and make it an official release so it can be debugged, I mean updated, as necessary via direct firmware download rather than via SD.

No need for comments on why this is impractical, impossible, or otherwise completely insane - I already said I’m not an IT guy.

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@ChemEngr, even we’re not IT eng’r, I’m sure we are far from being insane for believing that an RTSP / NAS featured firmware can be develop to properly work on WyzeCam, because as far as I know, other competitor brand with almost the same hardware specs have implemented RTSP / NAS feature properly on their firmware.

It occurs to me that saying “I’m going to throw away my cameras” doesn’t hold much weight. They aren’t subscription devices. Wyze has already received all the money they are going to get from you when you bought the camera. Throwing it away doesn’t cost them anything.

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Yeah. This actually saves them money, because a trashed camera isn’t using any bandwidth. :joy:

At times during my travels the cellphone battery dies, therefore what about the possibility to have the ability to view my account and the video stream on a laptop/desktop?

The idea of extended motion clips is wonderful and I am eagerly awaiting the weatherproof, wireless, wifi units to add to my two locations.

Great going and Happy Thanksgiving.

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It’s been 1 year
Has 2512 VOTES
There are 827 replies to thread
Thread viewed 55,600 times
With 333 users participating in thread
It is almost 2020 and a web interface is too hard to do for Wyze
But it still is on the Wish List as MAYBE LATER.


Statistics are fun.

Yep, they show the facts.


Still in here and paying attention to the thread. I am also continuing to share this feedback with the team and, as much as I know you’re not enjoying hearing this, this is still under discussion for multiple logistics reasons including security, functionality, and direction. This isn’t something that we are ignoring but if we go this route we want to make sure that we have those components ironed out.

Sadly, RTSP doesn’t fit on the cameras with all of the new features because they don’t have enough space. That’s why the RTSP build doesn’t have the newer features. We are working on another firmware that will include security updates for it.

We hear you.


It’s fine that RTSP and NAS be put on a separate/dedicated firmware, most people who want this are planning to record everything on NAS drive / NVR / or server, we don’t need other bells and whistles that could hinder the camera’s video streaming. Motion detection would be at least a good addition, but depending on the NVR / server (ZoneMinder, BlueIris, etc…) this could be offloaded to the NVR / server too.

Hello i just purchased a wyze cam and I do have the app on my phone but it would be very convenient if i could get it on my laptop as well.

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Welcome to the community, @halfdome0715. I have moved your question to this relevant #wishlist topic. You can VOTE for it at the top-left. :slight_smile:

Yes, having access from one’s laptop or desktop should be moved up on the list of features.