View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

Yes, BlueStacks runs on Mac. Although as @Jason21271 Jason says, it can be a resource hog. There are a couple of other Mac-compatible Android emulators out there as well (Google will find them).

6 months ago Wyze beat out all others on price, performance and support. Now while it seems Wyze has focused on new products there are many competitors for cameras in the < $30 market.
As long as the cameras function as well or better than when I bought them I’m satisfied. But others are looking attractive.

Not if you want to watch more than 3 cameras. And every once in a while, the Wyze app times out.

My Wyze app restarts at less 20 times a day. I send the feedback to wyze. Never get a response??

Fixed. Thank you

Just found out the nest app no longer allows you to turn off the status light. So yeah you can view it from a desktop browser but the light will be flashing if you do. At least wyze still lets you turn it off. Had to cover the light with a piece of electrical tape. Not sure why they had to do something to piss of consumers over “privacy”. My doorbell or outdoor cameras look outside where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. So wyze should not go this route of removing functionality like some competitors trying to dictate how we use our cameras. Almost thinking of switching to an ip camera with NVR so I’m not streaming to any third party cloud service that can see my cameras or be hacked. And I have complete control of the cameras and can run my own firmware.

For the person who told me to turn on facial identification. I do have that on. What I was trying to say is it’s in very important to get PC access because all day long I get alerts and I actually have to physically get up and walk outside my building and search for signal to see what is on there and usually they are the post man or a dog or my kids coming home from school or whatever and it would be much more helpful to just be able to look on my PC and save time. Unfortunately cell service is not an option where I am but for some reason I get alerts. But the Wyze app will not load due to laxk of signal. And I want them. I just want to look at them on my pc. And no, I cannot download on my work computer or bring outside computers to work. But I do appreciate your trying to help. I guess I was not clear.

It works not great, not terrible.

+1 to this request. you can’t expect to compete with other Camera vendors when you don’t have this essential feature.


Please put this at the top of your list
I would not have bought it if i knew it would not work with pc
I would buy more if it did


I expected web access might be a priority so I chose a wyze cam since I thought the reviews were positive and I like to support new companies that seem intent on being the best. To see so many high demand and highly beneficial wish list features put on the back burner makes me wonder if wyze really does want to be the best. Hope so.

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If it’s such a “tricky feature” how did YI Technology figured it out? I can watch the 4 cameras I have on my PC desktop at the same time, Then I have to go to my cell phone to see my WYZE camera.


This has been taking so long it’s time to just move on to another brand. I paid a little more and switched to Yi cameras for this feature alone. I definitely preferred the Wyze cameras at first, but function is function and I got tired of waiting.

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It appears Tinycam has reversed engineered the protocol that the Wyze app uses to access its cloud servers. Which is how its Android app is able to show the users’ camera streams. They are able to do this without changes to existing server code that Wyze is running.

I can understand if the developers at Wyze have too much workload to prioritize creating a Windows desktop client. I also understand that some people prefer (or are forced) to view their cameras on their desktops.

Why can’t Wyze document this “protocol” and release it? Tinycam already has it. There is so much open source floating around, and someone can quickly come up with a Windows desktop application. It won’t be too much of a competition for the Wyze app, as it won’t offer the other features like motion detection, etc.

For some people, that’s enough reason to do it, as this long thread shows.


I was under impression port forwarding would allow browser access from anywhere. Can’t find info on doing it for the wyze cam. So, I may follow your advice as well. Too many others at similar price point that get generally good reviews on quality and functionality. For now the mobile app satisfies but there are times viewing on laptop would be preferred.

Port forwarding is a function of a router, not the devices (e.g. Wyze cams) connected to it. The procedure to forward ports, depends on the router brand. There is no “standard” way.

Still port forwarding alone is not enough to allow viewing the camera stream. The camera must actively emit signals from that port. This is the latter missing feature that this thread is all about.

The 3rd requirement is that you must know the WAN (not LAN) IP of your router. That’s assigned by your ISP and usually changes, albeit not too often, if your router is always on.

Ya, I know. I was trying to trim my words to be brief so didn’t fully expound on the subject. I port fwd my lan printer and NAS thru my router for remote access. In 3 yrs on same isp my wan ip has not changed so it’s been pretty reliable. New to cam streaming but thought it could be done basically the same way.

Bingo! That’s all I need.


Yi Cameras already has it:

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Native? Or via some goofy emulator?