View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

If possible- please allow for camera integration for in browser viewing of not only live view but also playback ( from a media storage source)

While the application is great it is an absolute nightmare when you are attempting to view something important while on a tiny phone screen. I would love to be able to view my cameras within the wyze cam account online while at work- on a large monitor


I just thought that it would be an obvious thing, to want to view my camera feed on my large computer screens and not on a tiny phone! Duh. I don’t get it. I was dumbfounded when I bought my Cam that I could do so. Still am.


Unlike Swann and similar systems, Wyze uses their servers for viewing Wyze cams et al. As far as I can see we’re not directly connected like a dedicated security system. Won’t directly viewing Wyze cam via Windows and Mac overload Wyze’s servers?

If so, they will need to charge for the service. If they make their camera with RSTP they might have to up the price.

No. No they don’t. 3rd party TUTK servers are used for session setup only. Live video never flows through Wyze servers. It is ALWAYS point to point between your phone and your camera. Video events are specifically uploaded to Wyze cloud storage separately.

If you have evidence that I am mistaken please provide it.

It is ALWAYS point to point between your phone and your camera.

How would that work? The camera is behind a firewall, it cannot get an in inbound connection. My phone is certainly not going to accept an inbound connection. How does one establish a connection with the other?

Through the P2P TUTK service I mentioned. Penetrating the firewalls on both sides is exactly what it’s for.

Here is a description from Wyze as to how it works.

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Fascinating. It sounds like a VPN of sorts is created between phone apps and Wyze devices.

I wonder how ThroughTek gets paid.

Sorta kinda. I think it’s just https in the end. (Whoops, maybe not? Not sure what they are using around AES.) The P2P servers are just a call manager establishing the connection. The trick is in the handoff. And yes I believe Wyze has to pay them for this.

Soon hopefully.


Yesterday while at work I get an email from my 13yr old son, who is home alone doing virtual school, “Dad, who is the guy at the front door?”. Of course yesterday is one of only a few times in the hustle of morning stuff, I forget my phone. Now if I had access to the cameras via web browser I could have easily logged into my Wyze account to check. It seems to me it should be fairly straight forward to provide the entire Wyze app GUI as an HTML5 applet for remote access. In my mind that is all we need!


It doesn’t seem too much to ask, right? It’s just one feature that all of these people are asking for but Wyze doesn’t seem to think of it as urgent AT ALL. I think it’s just the structure of their business model. They’re probably turning a profit with all the subscriptions… so there is no reason for them to change. I just need to find a better company with a better product that will do what I want. Suggestions?

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That’s kind of brilliant actually. They could make PC / browser viewing a benefit of the paid CamPlus service.


I think it is almost a slap in the face of all their dedicated customers if Wyze keeps on ignoring the need for having a good way to view the video from the cameras. They already stopped the local storage project. Blue Iris is a good way to monitor the videos and provide a method to record them to a powerful PC, but this is not for the normal user without computer saffy. Come on Wyze, don’t forget your roots!!!


Id be ok with that!

I’m able to use the iOS app on my M1 Macbook Air, it works pretty good. No need for Cam Plus service.


I haven’t read this through but y’all can help:

Wyze are not typical IP cameras. Generic articles on the subject won’t help.

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They should be ip cameras you can use even if the wyze service goes down or you don’t have internet access.

They can be if you install RTSP firmware on them.

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You tried it already?