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Reolink E1 is one. Look at Amazon mate

I did check Amazon, that’s why I asked.
Anything in the $20 range is 720p.
The Reolink E1 is $35.99.

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Sorry, Angus. I thought you were asking about one or more Android TV boxes.

I love each of the three brands of wifi cameras I have (and the boxes full of 12V 2010 vintage outdoor CCTV cameras, now out of service).

With the Wyze cams, $20 each, $5 for each weather case/mount, and $30 for each (Blink type) solar panel with included batteries. So about $55 each for semi-weather protected great little cameras (mounted under eaves).

With those, the aftermarket solar panels for the Blinks, having two 18650 batteries inside, (for 5,000 mAh), that makes the mounting a problem getting them aimed for best solar direction advantage. The mount only swivels in one direction, and even that is limited by the “battery box”. There are other aftermarket choices for about $10 more, that swivel in all directions, but they only have one 18650 battery - in the swivel mount. So those can be aimed “perfectly” for best sun exposure - but only have half the battery capacity.

Those “Blink” panels also have a convenient ON/OFF switch - very handy, especially if a camera reboot is needed. No need to get the weather case off of the mounted camera.

The outdoor ReoLinks were about $90 each, which included dedicated solar panels for the ReoLink’s internal batteries. (Dedicated, because the micro b USB connection has a “weather seal boot” that fits snugly to the cameras.

There, I had a choice between 130-degree & 80-degree angle-of-view cameras. Those solar panels have the full swivel mount, but the cameras’ internal batteries also are limited to about 2,500 - 3,000 mAh.

The Blinks - I got the three pack, early on, which was a bit more than $300, two years ago, but added solar panels & weather case/mounts, so they were about $135 each. That number is a bit distorted, because of the one “hub” they work through.

They are “buggy”, and I think Amazon stopped selling them. The Thumbnail (snapshot) and Live View modes, from day to day, work or don’t, even though they still record motion activated trips. Just this last week, an Amazon Blink guy tested one of my Blinks, and reported that everything was fine… and it was that day. Is it the “hub”? Not really - they still record, to the cloud, video/audio action trip clips.

Just recently, I was able to verbally ask Alexa to see them, one-by-one, on my 8" Show. They finally got that Alexa Show “Skill” working. That’s nice, but there is a good 30+ second delay.

By adding the “Blink” solar panels to the Blink cameras, (and Wyze cams), I can program them for more activity, and not worry about killing those internal batteries in a couple of months, and taking them down, and opening the case, to replace the batteries. Then, remounting/re-aiming the cameras. With those Blink AA batteries gone; eventually, when the 18650 batteries in the panels get weak, they can be replaced much easier than the old camera batteries.

Ezviz C1C 1080p version is $25 on Amazon.

Please make this PC compatible. The camera is amazing

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All versions of the Amazon Fire TV run Android. So if you already have a Fire TV, or have been thinking about getting one, TinyCam will run on it. You don’t even have to sideload, there is a TinyCam app in the Amazon app store.

The Fire TV runs all the time, even when you “turn it off” so it’s a great place to host the TinyCam server.

I tried tinyCam server on a Fire Stick. It overheats.

Do you have a PC? Have you tried an android emulator?

I have several PC’s and have tried BlueStacks and MEmu. Preferred MEmu.
I run tinyCam server on an Android TV box.

I’m not looking for a solution, just letting @Wrecks0 know how Fire Stick worked for me.

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That is not my experience, but I only have 5 cameras and I don’t use any image processing. I do have the watchdog setting turned on though.

Processing and uploading video takes a lot of CPU.
I have 1 D-link and 8 Wyze cameras. Motion, face and object detection running with some uploading to Google Drive, some to my home FTP.
The Android box is set to reboot at 5 AM every day using a Wifi plug.

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As the 3,230th vote on this ridiculously long topic, I want to warn Wyze that the first search hit I got for “wyze windows client” is this suspect 3rd party app in the Chrome store

If that is in fact a shady provider, you’d want to get your clean version out soon and perhaps inform Google to remove that thing from their store. The comments/reviews there are “not kind”, most labeling it a virus, some saying it’s a link to a Bluestacks article.

I don’t do Chrome or Android, but isn’t there a method there to report a malicious app?

Users of the store can (I wouldn’t since I haven’t tried the thing first hand).

But my point was they are clearly using/abusing Wyze’s name and “IP” and it’s in Wyze’s interest to protect that.

Most of the reviews are incorrect. It’s not a virus or a link to Bluestacks.
You eventually get to a link to the Wyze APK in APKPure.
It’s useless and silly but appears harmless.

Can linux users will view cam on pc too ?? or just windows/mac ?

Only Wyze can answer that and probably not soon.
A browser based app would cover everything.

Very good news. I’m interested in local connection with increased bit rate for better video and viewing quality.

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