View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

Gwen, perhaps you could explain to us all why Viewing on PC is still only in the “discussion/consideration” stage:

  1. is it a question of money/time to design the PC interface?
  2. is it a question of modifying your server software?
  3. is it a question of procuring 3-rd party services?
  4. state other constraints, if in addition of 3 points above.

I must say that to me the whole issue is a “no-brainer”. You have a great bunch of users asking for View on PC, yet Wyze is still considering… Let’s be open, and tell us the reasons that PREVENT you from implementing immediately. They may be valid reasons, but not stating them directly and openly, you are aggravating us and ripening this platform for conspiracy theories.

Hope your answer is as clear, to the point and logical as my question and observations…

I have 3 different camera brands in use, and only one of them (Zmodo) has web/PC access (and their PC app is rather old and apparently hasn’t been updated in a while). I’ve seen plenty of cameras that are app-only access. In the under $40 per camera bracket, they appear to be prevalent.

The lack of a response from WyzeGwendolyn seems to indicate the answer to your questions. The only “discussion/consideration” is on the forum - Wyze continues to ignore.

Wyze response has always been on point!

Hey Tango, not everyone works weekends, and let’s give her time to consult others at Wyze for responses to my questions…

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As an aside, regardless of the Web or PC interface, I have found that the audio quality is terrible. Has anyone else noticed that or is it because I was on the bleeding edge and have one of the first ones sold?


Thank you.

Thank you for your understanding of my schedule. :slight_smile:

Since this is still under discussion, I don’t have a great amount of detail on these topics. I’ll quote a previous post here as a starting point:

There are money and time resource constraints as well as experience constraints (there would be a learning curve) and we would need to modify how the streaming is done (we’re working on a project that may make this easier with WebRTC although that is not a promise that PC viewing will happen). Additionally, we would need to have security hammered out. But even before that, we need to decide as a company that we are changing away from our mobile-only initial plan.

So there are many areas that are frequently discussed but we haven’t solidified the topics yet. But they’re being discussed because it hasn’t been dismissed as an idea.


So wyze is concidered to be ‘mobile only’?

At this point, yes. But the discussion about PC viewing involves the question of if that should/will change.

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Due to your protracted discussions on this overwhelmingly requested subject, you’ve made many of your customers very discouraged in and cynical towards you, causing more just a few to disparage your perceived indifference to their requests

You must recognize the likelihood that your putative foot dragging on this issue tarnishes the perception of WYZE for customer concern and responsiveness to their pleas for product improvement

You’re certainly aware this perception will negatively impact general consumer confidence and value perception of all your products.

Candidly, because of your presumed indifference in undertaking this important issue, I won’t consider buying a WYZE bulb, wall plug or your pricey new lock that I just received a marketing email from you on.

To be blunt, if you’re going to give a cold shoulder to my ONE improvement request, you’ve permanently lost me as a customer.

As a result, I’ve put my brand new, unopened Pan Cam on Facebook market place for 50% off what I paid. So far, no nibbles.


Thank you for your feedback. I will share this with the team.

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Hi Iggy-
Does TinyCam work on Macs?

Tinycam is an Android app.
You can view the Tinycam server with any browser.
I use a cheap Android TV box to run Tinycam.

I’ve always had the impression that Wyze is a very small company. I say this because I’ve seen messages saying that sometimes the developers have been pulled off their regular work to help fill orders.

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I don’t see a mobile-only strategy working very well. I have a camera by another manufacturer because it integrated with my SmartThings hub. At the moment, it is mobile only also and it is so cumbersome as to be mostly unusable. When motion is detected, I have to open the app, wait for it to refresh, scroll to the live view card, wait for that to refresh, and can then finally see the video…all told 15-30 seconds…Not useful when someone is at the door or for checking when I have unexpected motion. I am not 16-30 years old so my phone is not glued to me. Because of my job I spend the majority of the day in front or a browser. In the evening I usually manage an hour or 2 zoning out on the TV…How much simpler to simply switch to the live feed on my TV or browser. If I am searching for a recorded event last night, then not as much of a big deal.

I already have the “slowness” associated with using your app to open it and access the few of your wi-fi bulbs that I have. (I too am not buying any more of your products until you start integrating with ST or other hubs and IFTTT is unworkable for anything other than basic On/Off).

Anything more than a simple schedule for a few bulbs for home automation that you never want to change and a phone interface becomes unworkable. More people are starting to using ActionTiles or SharpTools running on a cheap screen (I have a 7 year old android 4.4 tablet that works great as an always on monitor).

My phone is only useful if I am away from the house.

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Needs to be done for your company to be competitive viable. More important then a lock for sure. Most customers like to see on a large screen. Wish list see more then one camera at a time. But PC is so important. I have three installs so far and would install 5 a week if it had that feature.

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I can ask Alexa to display a Wyze cam on my 65" TV easily, so that’s big screen.
I haven’t tried it, but I think if I installed Tiny Cam on my Fire stick 4K I think could display several at once if I wanted. I also have a 10" android tablet mounted to the wall in the living room where I view my door/driveway camera 24/7.

I used to use a PC and BlueStacks years ago for WiFi cameras all the time, but as things changed I found the tablets on the wall better for me, but that’s just my case.
I did try an Android emulator on a laptop and it worked fine for displaying the Wyze cams, but I found I had I really didn’t have a use for PC viewing with all the other options.

I’m not so sure PC viewing is as wide spread a need as some may think. Of course, I’m wrong lots of times, but I wonder what percentage of total users would actually use a PC regularly to view. Even if it’s thousands, that’s still a small small percentage out of total sales

I, for one, really could use a pc solution. Working from home on a computer all day, I use Bluestacks on my home pc to monitor the cams. I’m tired of Bluestacks’ limitations so a pc viewing solution gets my vote for sure. And based on this thread, I’m not alone. There’s a lot more than you think.

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