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I’ll settle for an app created by the Wyze team that is specifically for use on Windows 10.

Watching the up-vote count, and the fact that this issue is in “maybe-later”… I’ll be throwing this piece of garbage to the trash before it’s done.

By the way, I’m one of the users affected by the “small resistor (R65)”, so my SD Card is not an option for recording.

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Welcome to the community, @gabpsy. Sorry to hear about your camera with the R65 issue. In case you weren’t aware of it, I would highly encourage you to go check out this topic.

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That’s too bad.
Don’t trash it - If you bought it from Wyze get a replacement from Wyze, they might ask for it back. Just document well that you know it’s the SD card. They sent one to me about a day after I contacted Support and complained. My camera was not in the range of numbers posted.

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I think this is a great idea! I just wrote my own post about the new macOS Catalina operating system. It’s actually quite easy for developers now to make the necessary changes for their apps to be compatible with the macOS Catalina operating system. I would very much love to see this implemented. And it’s really not that difficult. Apple is gone to great links to make it as simple as possible for developers. I can’t speak for PC but that would be great too :+1:t2:

Windows 10 Is Getting Built-In Support for Network Cameras

Cam Support

Interesting :slightly_smiling_face:

Let’s hope that the fact your’s is post # 666 in this thread isn’t an omen of some sort. :fearful::wink:

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RTSP would solve this issue, right?


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I wish i could pull my camera feed up on my computer linux (personaly). And send the live feed straight into my own archived database server.

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Yeah, Bluestacks had been working for a while (but definitely not ideal); however, my computer has been locking up bad because of it. Wyze, please make a native solution a priority.


I’m using Blue stacks. Works fine!

is rtsp reliable for anyone?

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