View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac/Chrome)

This wasn’t under consideration in November 2018, but now it’s May 2019. Is it under consideration now? If it’s not, it should be. I’d also like the capability of viewing all of my live camera feeds at the same time, on my phone and on the website.


+1 for access other than through the app. For me a browser add-on would be the preferred solution (multiple Windows and Linux systems) with the ability to view the live stream, recordings, and events. Anything more than that I would be happy using the app.

I have 2 elderly people I keep tabs on. One has a WYZE camera, which I cannot access from my PC, so I have to be able to use my mobile device, HUGE battery drain and makes the mobile unable to be used for any other function. The other one I use is a Vimtag camera. It DOES have the ability to view on the PC. I bought the WYZE camera because I was not aware I could not do the same thing as the Vimtag camera, and it was less expensive. I got what I paid for. I will be replacing the WYZE camera since there seems to be no interest in making this work effectively. If you have to view the camera frequently or for any length of time, no one has the time to tie up their mobile device for this one app to run. My only solution is to use an old mobile phone, keep it plugged in constantly and run the WYZE app on that. What a disappointment this camera is. I was looking at it for a small business, but now I will look elsewhere.

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I have been able to view my cameras on a browser. I have done this by having or installing the following equipment:

  • Cable Model
  • Network Router
  • Server
  • 4 x Wyze v2 cameras

I then installed and configured the following software:

  • Windows Server 2016 Essentials
  • Netcam Studio
  • Wyze v2 RTSP firmware upgrade

I made sure the cameras had a set IP address on the network router. I upgraded the firmware to support RTSP. I installed and configured the server software. I installed and configured the Network Video Recorder software. The software I picked allows access via browser if configured.

Here is how I log in:

When I’m in, I can chose what I want to view from a menu:

I usually like to look at the multi-view:

I really like the library Timeline view, as it shows when events happened:

Of course, each individual NVR software provides different features, but these are the basics. Using them, it is possible to view your sources on a browser. It does, however, require additional hardware and configuration - but it gives me more flexibility to manage what is recorded and how.

Note: I’ve had a server running at home for over 10 years. I recognise that you can run software on a Raspberry PI or Linux box, but I have been on Windows Server for a while.


Thank you Dean, for responding to my issue. I am not tech savvy. And I need to be able to explain it to others who are also not tech savvy. I need to be able to install an app and go. There has been a lot of chatter about developing this. I am very surprised they still have not done it.

I am very surprised they don’t make it more evident in their ads, both here and on Amazon that it DOES NOT WORK WITH WINDOWS OR MAC OS.
They make a point on the Amazon page * NOTE: Works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks (does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi)

It is the case that enabling RTSP supports people using third party solutions to view via a browser or on a PC, but I do understand that this isn’t the best use case for everyone.

I also would love to be able to use WYZE on the web portal with the same functionality as the app. I use my WYZE system alongside my Arlo system and it’s very convenient to log into the Arlo web portal to view the cameras and manage the system just like the app.


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I vote for this but it seems it’s been up for a vote for long enough that I don’t think they care.


they are still working out some bugs with RTSP which before that was implemented was the most requested item. I can’t say for sure but after the issues with RTSP are figured out, they might start working on some wort of web portal. they have quite a few things on the list currently.

I agree, it would a much more viable product with a PC interface

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Just for reference, here is the multi-camera view with 4 Wyze V2 cameras in Netcam Studio:

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Personally I don’t know what our RTSP stands for but I’d rather see my Rabbit on the computer as I can’t been seen at work on my phone that much.

Viewing the webstream over the browser has literally zero difference in terms of performance and difficulty to implement versus the smart phone. The video you’re getting from your camera is still being streamed up to a server, and then back down to your device. The video streaming itself is NOT the reason this is such a large project for them.

The only reason this is hard is because they haven’t implemented any sort of online portal for users, other than these web forums. So they would need to build an entire new website to create this capability.

A better solution would probably be for them to modify their App to be cross compilable for multiple platforms (Android, iOS, ChromeOS, Windows UWP, etc) Tools like Xamarin and Telerik can do this. However, once again, this requires (probably) a significant rewrite, or at the very least re-tooling. It isn’t easy.

That said, staying in business and giving your customers what they want is the goal…and sometimes the effrots to reach those goals aren’t easy. I dare to say that if Wyze were to OpenSource part of their development chain, they could PROBABLY get a lot of this done faster!

Things they should open source

The Wyze Cam firmware
The Wyze App
The Wyze API
3rd-party Integration (Google, Home Assistant, IFTTT, etc)


Also, this has twice as many votes as anything else on the Wish List,

and more votes than even RTSP on the Roadmap.

Why isn’t this on the roadmap and still a “Maybe Later” ?


obviously customer votes are not the biggest factor to wyze. I’ve just given up on this ever becoming real.

I even had a reddit mod telling me that this request was only in the top middle tier in votes when I mentioned View on PC/Browser.

“Web based viewing was in the top-middle for requests by vote behind things like RTSP, outdoor cameras, Google home integration, multi camera viewing, etc.”

Thank you lordneeko for the good point and information.

I, as many others have said, would really think this beneficial for most of the Wizen users.

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Hi, folks!

This is something that we’ve been discussing internally. It will be a pretty tricky feature so we’ve been looking into methods for it and that’s why we haven’t given a super firm answer or made promises for this one yet. But we aren’t ignoring it and we appreciate your patience. :slight_smile:


Yes please please please!!! A Web App would be AMAZING!!!