View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac/Chrome)

I cannot answer for Wyze, but I would assume that a lot of the money went towards production to maintain the level of supply versus demand.

I totally agree with what u said. At this point I would of rather kept my money than have these cameras.

What so many don’t realize is that not many of us can install things like an emulator on a company owned PC. It is one thing to use a browser to view a camera but start installing programs that may or may not be safe on someone else’s laptop or desktop and you may have to sell the cameras to support your family. They need to come up with a way to view in a browser like so many of the other camera in the same price range. I will not buy another one until they do.


When buying “new technology” it’s best to pay a little more for ease of return. Then you could have gotten your money back.

I find MANY things that Wyze does as insufficient for my needs, But for $20 they are more than sufficient for my wallet.

And the “Community Support” is far better than several other digital camera support forums I’ve been acquainted with over the decades.

When I bought I knew it was android/ios only. Yes, I’d like PC support (linux would be great), solar battery powered weatherproof enclosures with long range routers, and USB storage
with terabyte drives. But that probably isn’t happening soon, especially for $20.

/edit and while I;m at it I’d also like to be able to connect my $30 pan cam to my 70-300mm zoom Nikor lens!

I bought a Wyzecam to play with and see if it fits my needs. Unfortunately, without the desktop app (OS X or universal browser-based) it doesn’t. If I just wanted to check the current view every now and again, it would likely be OK, but I usually need to monitor it for 10-20 minutes at a time, and doing that on my iPhone simply doesn’t cut it. Besides the effect on my battery, staring at the phone screen means not being able to do anything else–but having an open application on one of my computers means I can keep an eye on it while doing other things.


I do similar, I often want to watch for deliveries. I put my phone next to my laptop monitor and just glance over. Sometimes I run a USB cord from my laptop to my phone and charge it at the same time. With the motion alert it works very well.

Yes, please.

I have a server with iSpy running hooked up to a NAS device that would be perfect for continuous recording and OpenALPR(License Plate Rec.).

+1 for this feature. Please also include snapshot capability via URL.

I’m surprised we don’t have a no frills version of this app but I can imagine the team is hard working on this. I too leave my phone plugged in at work and monitor for deliveries.

At Home I purchased a $80 10" android tablet to leave on and hooked into a power block. This works for us as we can glance over at the monitor when we hear the notification .

Almost 1000 votes in 4 months? Make this happen!!

If the WYZE team doesn’t implement this feature I’m trashing all of our WYZE cameras and will be investing in something better. Please give us a confirmation if this is happening or not so I can move ahead with my decision.

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If you are serious about “trashing” them some of us would probably buy them.

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I know, it’s being asked several times … any updates about accessing the camera feeds on a web browser like Manything is capable of? Thanks! Love my Wyzecam, just ordered another one! :slight_smile:

…looks like my post is now in the Twilight Zone…? :slight_smile:

+1. for me, please. my senior citizen eyes and clumsy iOS keyboard manipulation would much appreciate abiliity to view on web browser/PC/Mac

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By the way, I don’t know if this is the place to post about this, but there is a desktop app called BlueStacks, which simulates an android phone on your desktop. You can download it and inside that app download the Wyze app, I already tried it and it works perfect!

Viewing when at work is difficult on a phone screen or even when in the office at home.
It would be much better to have the option viewing on a PC or Phone. Not tablet.

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I would love the option for a Wyze desktop app for Mac!

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Yes RTSP would almost suffice, there are enough third party apps there, although an API that would allow access to raw footage in the camera or a web page that could allow would be super useful along with it so that you could download the footage quickly instead of streaming it

yeah instead smashing them, give them to me. BTW what is “better”? out there, Not a whole lot, so use the android app in a simulator, simple enough to setup.