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I would be great to be able to view the live stream within the Google Home App on a cell phone instead of relying on the Hub or Chrome Cast device. Yes the phone will have the Wyze app installed but its nice to have all smart device nestled in one place. The Google App already recognizes the Wyze camera, so lets view it now!

I totally agree with and I hope that Wyze will work towards this in the future!!

The Wyze cam shows up on the Google home app on my android phone but when I click on it says Video Stream cant be viewed here. If you have a smart display or Chromecast you can ask the Assistant to stream it.
Wyze home is showing linked to my google account.
My nest cam works great here. I can view the Wyze cam on my Wyze app and my Amazon show.

Any trick to get Wyze to show on the google home app?

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Hi, any update on streaming the cameras natively from the google home app?

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My Nest Cams stream great in the Google App. I was so excited to see the Wyze Cams at $25 a pop and advertised as Google compatible. I guess they are just not 100% compatible. Native streaming in the Google app would be a huge plus,

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I’m pretty sure you are asking the wrong company. This should be a request to Google. Google set things up so that you need a Chromecast or smart display to view camera feeds. And this is not just with Wyze cams, but every camera that can connect to Google Home.

The Google’s API documentation about this suggests that it is possible to stream to a phone, but does not go into detail about it, from what I’ve read. Most of their documentation doesn’t even mention this as a possibility, though. If it is currently possible, it isn’t in the Google Home app, but in Google Assistant.

You can try telling Google Assistant to show you your camera’s feed and see if that works.

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I agree. I recently linked my Wyze devices into my Google Home, but didn’t like this aspect you mentioned or that the Wyze motion detectors don’t work. Unlinked all my Wyze devices and had to reactivate them (which had to be done one by one for the cameras) and am back to using the Wyze app.

Add better support for the Google Home app. It would be nice for each item such as the Wyze Plugs to show up in the Google Home app so they can be turned on and off with the rest of my smart home devices. By doing this it also allows up to incorporate them into routines we setup.

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Oh wow didn’t even realize this was under researching! Yes please wyze do add this, the google home app is an app I use on a daily basis and this would a great add just like nest.

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Actually, I just viewed the live stream from my one Arlo camera using the Google Home app on my tablet. So it would appear that it is not the rule for all cameras.

Wyze Plugs are now supported in the Google Home app.

You might want to have a look at the TINYCAM Monitor or PRO app for android. I have several different cams and use this app to view them all. Many options and Fantastic developer support

Wyzecam v3 is my first non-Nest camera. One thing about the Google Home app “Cameras” page is that each camera’s preview is live. I’ve noticed that the preview is not live in the Wyze app. So, I would up the OP’s request to not only be streamable from the Google Home app but to include live previews as well. For many users, their main goal is to see what’s happening now, the sooner that info can be provided the better.

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