View Camera History From Shared Phone

I have a couple of clients who have shared their cameras with me so I can check on them. I just received a call from a client who wanted my to look at the history for local law enforcement. It looks like I cannot look at the history from a shared device - unless there is a trick. If you are going to SHARE, it seems like you should be able to look at history, or give permission to do so.

Not sure what you mean about the history for law enforcement. Wyze does not share your feeds with anyone. As far as having more power as a shared user, vote for this:

Pretty simple question I think - he’s asking whether a “shared” camera also allows access to Events recorded by the camera. I don’t know, I’ve never shared cameras.

A person who is the shared camera recipient can not look at the local playback from the uSD card. However they can look at event history.
Newshound’s link was a thread about giving more flexibility to what control a share receipent can and can not do. Many of us would like more control in that regards.

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