Video of nothing


As I expected, the infestation is much worse out front.


I put my fifth camera in the attic after seeing where some critter has been chewing through storage bags and I’m getting flying insects up there. Not like outside, but It is all screened in. Obviously, not enough to keep the wild-life out.


I call them sprites. Mine look a bit different but are also unlikely to be bugs (they have moved in ways that make them mini-UFOs, e.g., impossibly fast changes in direction and/or speed for a bug). They happen about 2x per month or so. A friend with a different brand of camera also sees exactly the same patterns from time-to-time. I’m inclined to believe it is an artifact of the sensor itself.


Yes, I’m with oaktree on this. I get these little fly-bys also, inside my workshop where my dog sleeps. I think it is the spirits of my former dogs who are in another world now but who also lived and slept there.


They are bugs/insects. The exoskeleton of insects is very IR reflective.


Mine also picked random light last night. Camera is set indoors and there was no movement at all. Wyze tech’s any ideas?





That’s my situation exactly! But I will turn down my sensitivity! Thx



Be glad you dont live where i live. We get this barrage of bugs once in a while. No, its not rain and there is zero wind…


WTH are those??


I have no idea really. They start off just one or two flicks across the screen like what the OP describes and what other videos here have shown, but then a handful swoop in, then it just cascades into a massive barrage of flying something-or-others. It can last an hour or so or last 5 min. I’ve never been out there when it happens, always sleeping. But no wind, no rain, has to be bugs of some sort


Makes me want to put my V2 inside a bug zapper looking out the bottom.


Oh shoot, now that can make a great video. I’ll consider buying one :smile:


Yes, mine picks up reflections of the sun through windows also. And when a car drives buy and reflects the sun also. Pick up my motion light going on and off to.


Somewhat related. Using a camera to monitor a car in the driveway, I’ve tried to limit the detection zone to ignore headlights, but it is proving futile because they reflect off various parts of the vehicle. Fenders, windshields, windows, bumpers, etc.


Looks like a swarm of gnats.


I’m glad it’s their gnats and not my gnats.


The only thing close to that I’ve seen is when we had fog and drizzle. Any chance that’s what that is?


What amazes me about this? I never see them land anywhere. It’s always a fly-by.


If the cat or dog scratches really fast with the hind leg the dust and hair flying off the cat or dog will reflect the IR light back to the camera and trigger an event. It can also remain floating in the air for a long time through cold and warm temperatures inter-mixing or your HVAC vent blowing. We watched it happen for a long time one night in our garage.