"Video Download Timed Out" when attempting to view notification videos



When attempting to view notification videos I frequently get “Video Download Timed Out”.

I can’t quite find a pattern, maybe wifi strength, maybe not, maybe the video itself as in the activity factor.

Get a bunch that will work, and then some that won’t. Phase of the moon sort of thing.

Somehow I suspect it is the actual upload to the cloud that failed so while there is a video indicated there is not actual video to download.

Once a particular video reports “Video Download Timed Out” it will always respond that way.

This seems like a new issue but the camera is up to date with the most recent firmware and I vaguely recall seeing something about this with a certain video firmware upgrade?

Maybe the real issue is the error message, not really very clear to the user.

If it was the upload to the Wyze cloud that failed due to TCP/IP timeout due to poor wifi connectivity something more along that line of messaging would be better.

Or maybe a retry.

If the camera uses UDP and not TCP then it does not take much to fail an upload.



It’s bugs in the New app, this is how I temporarily get everything to work right



Wyze requests that everyone experiencing this issue submit a support ticket via the app so that the app log can be captured for analysis.


Ticket submitted from the App just after replicating the issue: Support Ticket #70622

Earlier support ticket submitted from web: Support Ticket #68477



Ticket submitted


Same “Video Download Timed Out” error bug situation here.

Latest Cam v2 firmware and iOS app, updated all on 7-21-18, these updates seem to be culprit in this bug.

Ticket submitted also…


Same issue. After notification of event and I try to look at the event I get first “Video downloading” then immediately “Video download timed out”. Since I just bought the camera I have no experience with earlier software versions. Down load to a 16GB V10 card seem to work ok although when I first tried a 32GB V10 I had to restart the camera frequently. Since it was at a remote location this was a problem. July 29, 2018.


I got the same issue with the latest Android version 1.5.82. Please help