Video Doorbell

This would be amazing. Having Motion, and a Doorbell be released in 2019 would be a game changer.

Fingers Crossed

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How about a simple doorbell button that would ring a doorbell chime, turn on audio on google home and be able to reply to the door bell with google home playing it on the wyze camera speaker and seeing who it is on your your android. Seems like I never have my cell phone handy or turned on to wyze. I do have google home in most of my rooms that I could talk to instantly.

Yes, yes, yes, YES! PLEASE make a doorbell or peephole camera. I’d buy either one if you make it usable in an indoor common-area apartment hallway. I keep thinking I’ll take a Wyze Cam to my peephole, but that’s just messy and crazy.


and peephole camera for apartmentswould be awesome! good idea


just saw the xiaomi version. I hope the wyze video doorbell in development is different in that it’ll use existing door wiring instead of batteries. I’m looking to replace my skybell HD

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Facial recognition would be brilliant if possible.

Even better, perhaps someone at Wyze could woo some of the Google team and have it announce “your pain in the ass wife is at the door” over my Google Homes like the Nest doorbell!

cant you set up google home to announce whatever you want?

I did it with my cams ( although its much simpler with one interface)

when I get an alert my phone says TARGET AQUIRED!

which I think is fitting…but you will get some looks in a checkout line for sure!

I don’t own the Nest doorbell to confirm but wouldn’t changing the ‘face name’ to whatever you wanted result in the desired name announcement being made?

I am an early Wyze cam adopter. I have a few Wyze Cam v1 cams and love them. I wish Wyze puts out a cheap (<$50, heck I’d even pay $100) doorbell cam that can withstand the elements and give free cloud storage like the rest of the Wyze products. I bet it would be a huge hit. Current products on the market are too expensive and the subscription fees are off putting. This segment is ripe for disruption and Wyze is great at disruption. Waiting for Google Home and Home Assistant integration so I can buy more Wyze cams.

Good luck and keep up the great work.


I would love a Wyze Video Doorbell. I’ve been using Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro for about 2 years, and even though it’s a good product overall, it’s also very expensive at $250. I only got one because of this. If Wyze could develop a video doorbell around the same price point as it’s other products, i’d be thrilled, and would add them to all my doors.

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It isn’t the full video doorbell features I would want but putting a contact sensor in the existing doorbell chime next to the electro magnet that will push the pin into the chime will activate the magnetic reed switch inside the sensor and then you can be notified and trigger recordings.


I was also thinking about how the new Sense kit could be used for this, depending on what frequencies the Sensor Bridge is using or can listen on, it may be possible to support a good portion of the doorbell market just by learning the code being used by another product. For example, the app asks the user to press the doorbell button a few times in a row and the sensor bridge plucks the data field out of the transmission and adds it to it’s list as a verified doorbell.

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When are you guys going to develope a doorbell camera


Hello all, I normally avoid postings, but have been spending a lot of time recently looking for that perfect peephole cam, and finding my options to be very disappointing, as evidenced by kind consumers who have shared their experiences.

And I love Wyze cams (apartment dweller, just have two), and find the value to be outrageously good for the price, and the quality very, very high.

I just want to add what I have been looking for, I’m sure others have likely written these things before I have, and likely in better ways. This is just for repetition and perhaps tabulating specific requests among product development folks.

  1. Keep apartment and condo dwellers in mind, especially in terms of design. My point here is that my complex is ridiculous … a 53 page lease filled with the most risible stuff you have ever seen. So what I need is something that doesn’t extrude in any way, meaning the entire shebang is likely 3M Command Strip-ped to the inside of my door and uses the current installed peephole. Anything that gives it away from the hallway would likely rain down insane amounts of drama. We have enclosed interior hallways with very bright lighting, which I suspect would be easier to yield clear resulting images.

  2. Please ensure that it takes video or still shots resulting from motion detection. And recorded to an SDHC card, as the current Wyze cams do. I don’t care so much about wifi as just having photos of who keeps running up and down the hallways all day and night.

  3. I don’t care about the doorbell component, and besides, that requires a button or something outside, which, let’s face it, just about demands somebody attempt to destroy it. Just because.

  4. Keep proximity in mind, meaning, let’s say you hear something creepy or suspicious outside your door at 4am and you know the other units near you are empty, or maybe it’s a holiday weekend, and most people go on trips. The LAST THING you want anybody to do is to go near that door. Many apartment and condo doors do NOT have appropriate strength locking hardware or maybe they do, but the deadbolt throw isn’t likely to travel far enough to be considered proper installation.

(Darn, so that’s an argument against wifi in #2 and then an argument here as to why it could be necessary.)

  1. Here is another argument for keeping it all in a single unit, and on the inside of the door alone: if it’s that simple and really just taped / Command Strip-ped to the door, then it could also be a great product filling a particularly underserved niche … travelers. I had never thought of this before, but apparently women travelers sadly may attract attention from creeps who prey on them, and people staring into rooms from the hallway via the peephole is a very real issue. So maybe there’s a variant that comes in a cool tiny little ballistic nylon case and presto ! it helps any traveler feel a bit more secure when out on the road. And nobody can call you paranoid if you have evidence to back it up that nefarious things are transpiring in hotel hallways in the week hours of the morning.

And without defaming a certain company with HQ on the island formerly known as Formosa, the solution I have been eyeing closely gets truly lackluster reviews, especially considering the price tag. So I agree with others posting here that a very sharp and thought-out product in this category cold be a real winner for consumers as well as Wyze.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I can’t wait to learn of your entry product to this woefully underwhelming category at present.


Prices on doorbell cams are droping!
Just saw one for $60! (Not ring or sky).

I would like to know how fast or slow is this train rolling? Or if it’s even on the tracks?

My concern is,
What would be, a street traffic facing doorbell sensor range? Cam strength (40 yds +) would be too much.

So my timid proposal would be ?

One with an internal adj lens (up, down, left, right) just a few degrees.
Since most doorbell are mounted to the sides of doorways (left or right of center).

Also, a doorbell With a 20 yd sensor or adj sensor range.

Since there are steps leading to some doorways n doorbells. The up / down feat. Would be of help too!

My delay was getting to my sweet spot in price.Which a few doorbell cams are nearing.

But an all in one, “Wyze System” (Wyze Cam, Sense n Wyze DB).

Would be a security minded, home owners dream.

Keep up the good work guys!


Ding ding ding. We have a winner…
BigBurly13 you nailed it with this money quote:



I always wanted credit for always wanting to be. A professional #WyzeGuy !
( Aka a positive promoter of their products)

Kinda like that as a screen name! (WyzeGuy?)

:grinning: that would be me! Nailed it, lover of all things technology.

I was going to inset a camera into the front of my house and somehow integrate a trigger to record when the doorbell is pressed. Also have the 24-7 recording and motion tagging to go with it. They have files of different boxes that can house a cam and be installed in a single gang box. Having a 3-d printer I could try and print one up. Pretty slick install idea… might have a go at it this spring if I can bump it up the to-do list… and if some one ever hands me a round to-it I’ll be screwed!

Nice n well thought out !!!
3D printer nice looked @ one 5yrs ago!