Video Doorbell


wyze does not get their hardware from xiaomi… xiaomi, wyze, and ismart all get their cameras from the same supplier though.


There is no expectations to privacy on the street. There is several case law regarding same.

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That’s hilarious! I know of several snoopy neighbors who would know a heck of a lot more than my Skybell about what was going on in front of my house. :smiley:


On a run thru my neighborhood I found several sting eyes glowing in the dark back at me. These doorbells have taken the market and they’re stealing all the $ for it too. It’s time for a Wyze Bell. Show Amazon they don’t need to gouge us for an overpriced product and ridiculous cloud rates. I’ll be an initial buyer and will even go door to door selling them (I’ll target Ring owners first :wink:). Wyze Bell! Wyze Bell! Wyze Bell!


+1 on door bell working on wired and non-wired door bells. My home only has battery-operated door bells.


It would be wonderful if Wyzie can come out a door bell that have for android app and wall or desk screen monitor for home - means that if we are at home we can see it on the monitor and able to see through the app when we are away.


Using batteries? Ugh… Should leverage the existing doorbell wires!


I currently have Zmodo Greet. It is a great doorbell my 2 issues is that.

  1. My doorbell wiring is on the same wall as the door and the camera is not capable of panning to 180% or no wedge making it impossible for me to see when someone is looking through my door.

Solution: Add a Wedge similar to Ring where I can angle the doorbell if needed OR use a pan camera lens that will follow the motion.

  1. Notification have a long time interval. If someone drops a package, I will get notification but if another person came in right after the delivery man left and steal the package, that will not be recorded.

Solution: Add a zone detection area where as long as there is motion in the area, the camera will continue to record. Also, allow users to select a time interval to detect new motion after the last motion is stopped. i.e. 5 second time interval so when someone follows the delivery guy right after, it will most likely send another alert.


Not all homes have wired doorbells. Mine came with no doorbell, so I purchased Battery-powered doorbells. So a wired option will not work for everyone.



Both or Wyze releasing a d/c and a/c version. Which would probably add cost for Wyze and give us less flexibility. Hard wired to existing doorbell wiring and battery back up. Doorbell defaults to battery when no a/c power detected. Battery should be user replaceable. Preferably rechargeable low self discharge NiMH or lithium (hint: 18650).

Lens and camera housing possibilities? Narrower than v2 fov, wide aperture that allows pivoting up, down, left, right. Would like to see a “true view” (no “fisheye” distortion), low light capable, sharp, narrower depth of focus image( ~1-10 feet).


I’d buy a doorbell as well! Also, my cheap silicone enclosure kept my Wizecam V1 (hanging under my soffit) safe and working all through a Utah winter. Solid cam!


When are you guys launching video doorbell ? I tried to access the threads along this request but was not able to get into any of those. How do I vote for this product to be considered ?


This is already in development so you don’t have to vote on it. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome I can’t wait for it. I will hold off on buying other brand than. :slight_smile:


Currently using a Uniden doorbell, would love for a wyze to have the same features and RTSP support. Would prefer a 180 degree vertical FOV as opposed to superwide, that would help with seeing packages on the ground.
Keep up the good work. Lots of exciting new product ideas, am very excited for all of them.


Any details on basic specs? Are you developing both battery powered and wired? Or just one of these?

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Sorry, I don’t have that level of information yet. :slight_smile:

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I hope it has an option to say something like “New doorbell, who dis?”


I’m DEFINITELY doing that if the option exists.


Mine has a retro intercom doorbell which is ginormous and completely sucks and swapping and hardwiring would be a pain.

Hoping for a battery powered one.