Video Doorbell



@Bam I believe this has been possible for some time. I have disabled IR on mine.


Yep, it is available in the beta app. It will most likely be available in the upcoming public release, too. :slight_smile:


I totally agree on your approach, but Im wondering id the integrated audio of current cams is enough for audio quality, I think we need improved audio for a doorbell device still I really like the idea of a regular bell button linked to customer designated wyze cam…


I guess now we know what the wyze doorbell will look like.


If you look at the tag of the post you would see that the idea is under researching.


For a peephole solution, for apt/condo folks who can’t modify existing doorbell, or don’t have a doorbell (my apt does not), a special solution is needed. Mounting a cam v2 to peep though a optical quality peephole has been mentioned. I don’t think the motion sensor, or the IR lighting will work by peeking through a peephole tube.
Putting the camera, motion senor, IR LEDs outside in the smallest possible external box with wiring, mounting tube leading back into a battery and other hardware box inside the door is needed. That external portion might be the same as a powered doorbell or a portion of it. That might not be an answer if apt or condo doesn’t want to see anything but it can be done in many cases without modifying door. It is done by many vendors but not perfectly yet so WYZE could build a winner. On the inside of the door, another box contains whatever isn’t outside the door. It needs a battery that recharges with USB cable as needed, maybe once a week or so. Or an easy to pop out, swap-able rechargeable battery. Should allow continuous recording (high battery use!) so full motion event can be captured, not after the fact due to slow startup to full power after motion detected. Or some better than average software/hardware to get camera working with 100s of milliseconds after motion detection.
Maybe some imaginative packaging allows it to be either peephole, or over the door (like remo+) as needed by providing extra parts or accessory parts to convert either way.
My apt does not have doorbells, just peephole with integrated mini-knocker. Folks just knock with hand. Easy to swap out if your apt mgmt doesn’t mind. Mine wouldn’t since they publish lots of rules that are not strictly enforced. Slight rule violations ignored for most except ‘bad’ tenants.


A doorbell option is great but please make sure the Wyze team takes into account the extreme server capacity needed for Halloween night. :slight_smile: I read a forum where a lot of Ring Doorbell owners were complaining about their doorbells not working on a night that they need them to…Halloween night.


Looking at the new Wyze Sense devices which will be coming out, there’s a magnetic door sensor on there. That could easily be opened up, and the reed switch removed and wired to a doorbell button. That way, when the doorbell is pressed, Wyze thinks the door sensor has indicated a door open event.

As long as the software allows us to be notified and directly connected to a particular camera (which we have near to the door), then that’s effectively a video doorbell. Just a bit of easy soldering needed, and the button is in a different location than the camera, which I see as a feature.


Would you be willing to share more details on the wiring setup? I think I understand how to wire a Buck converter, but how is your door chime still working?


That is quite ingenious of an idea to rig a video doorbell with a door sensor. What would be even more ingenious is if you could also rig an AC adaptor to eliminate the batterie(s) in the door sensor, making it a much more maintenance free setup.


Reed switches usually conduct when the magnet is there, and are open when it isn’t. So, to simulate a door opening when the switch is pressed, we want the button to disconnect two wires.
The button on normal doorbells in the opposite, connecting the two wires when you press it.
But, often switches or buttons have 3 contacts. A middle one, which connects to one of the other two when the button is pressed or not. Not sure if it would be easy to find an existing doorbell with a button like that (where one contact is probably unused), but you could buy a new button and just wire it into the old doorbell.

You could connect one terminal of the sensor to the middle, with one terminal of the doorbell wiring. Then connect the other doorbell wire to the “normally open” contact on the button, and the other wire of the wyze sensor to the “normally closed” contact…

The two circuits (doorbell ringer and wyze sensor) won’t interfere with each other since they are connected at only one point…

Or find a button which is dual-throw (the two circuits can be completely isolated but driven by the same button).

Or your doorbell might just inside the house supply battery power to the ringer when you press the bell. If you can put a relay in parallel with the ringer which opens a circuit when power is applied, then just put that instead of the reed switch. You’d have to check voltages and current usage for the relay and ringer…

I haven’t worked out the details until I pull a doorbell apart and take a look, it’s been a while since I’ve played with that sort of thing.
It would depend on your doorbell and if you want to replace the switch…


We mounted them near power sources (in some cases, we ran outlets inside nearby) and drilled holes through the walls to run the USB cables through. This spring/summer we are going to do our porches so we came up with a sort of POE type of concoction. We are going to feed the voltage down custom made CAT5 cables with the appropriate USB connectors on the ends.


Of course for these hardware mods to be useful, we would need Wyze software to support the user adding a rule which is “when movement detected on this sensor, immediately open the Wyze app on live feed from a particular camera on user’s phone”, or at least present the user with a notification which, when clicked, will open that camera to the live feed.

I hope they were already planning that to support security use cases.

Wyze Ones, are you planning that functionality?


Porch thieves are getting horrible in Orange County, CA. I have a Ring 2 and the Video is pretty lousy. They say it is because my wifi signal is insufficient. Funny, my V1 Wyze is shoot out a window next to the front door and it is significantly clearer and the motion detect is better.

Drop the V2 hardware into a door bell, add a button and it will be way better than the competition.

I have your cameras all over…just need the doorbell and I will be a super happy camper.


I would like to vote for this feature, but it is closed. It would be nice to be able to keep the voting open since new customers are coming aboard daily. That way if it is in development or an idea that is tabled by allowing the voting count to continue could be a way for you guys to gauge what project to place either ahead with more considerations or pull it back on the timeline.


@ManAbove, The voting is not closed on this topic. You can scroll all the way up to the top and click the vote button. (It’s possible that your post was moved here from another topic that was closed.)


Privacy issue, less “false” notification.

Was listening to a public radio story about doorbell video cams being intrusive to your neighbors, people walking by your house on a public sidewalk… Not sure if a real issue for most. Personally not. Home is located almost in the middle of 40 forested acres.

Solution would be a doorbell cam with a narrower depth of field and field of view. A larger lens aperture and longer focal length. The longer focal length might also take some of the wide angle “bend” out of the image. Not sure if it would reduce false events. Guessing an option would be to set a smaller detection zone.


I don;t see the difference if you’re walking Down the sidewalk in front of someones house and being filmed or walking Down the sidewalk In front of a business and being filmed.
I don’t have sidewalks here but anyone walking down the street in front of my house gets filmed by 2 different cameras , And I don’t have a video door Bell


I can understand the apprehension of neighbours who might be filmed every time they leave their front door, or get in their car, depending on where your camera is pointed. Some might even point into their backyard.

I will film what I want, but deliberately angle my backyard ones so I can’t see in theirs. As for the front, I don’t care if I incidentally get their property, but I won’t have a camera pointed ONLY at their property.


No I would not deliberately point a camera at someone else’s property .
Is a little different for me I live on a dead end street and Only one neighbor Is kinda close kitty corner across the street , Other than that my cameras just see The street My yard and trees .
@kimcheese2017 Might be referring to the ring Neighbors app